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  1. utdrummer

    AEROSMITH: "Rocks" (Deep Cuts) Friday Five Fer

    Arguably their best work. This came out about the time I started playing drums. So Kramer is a big influence on my playing rock tunes.
  2. utdrummer

    1940’s Radio Kings 13, 16, 26 *REDUCED

    Is that mahogany interiors I see?
  3. utdrummer

    Question for Premier Genista users [90s era]

    matching 7" snare to boot! if I didn't have the turquoise kit I have now, i would buy in a minute. Gorgeous drums. Simple to tune and has a nice Birch attack.
  4. utdrummer

    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    I'm in for the first time...will be at the saturday show. Cannot wait.
  5. utdrummer

    Rogers 15" X 12" project tom.

    Now that is one nice Rogers floor tom! Well done sir!
  6. utdrummer

    Am I asking too much?

    Doesn't look like you are out of reach price-wise, but keep in mind, CL is basically a modern day electronic garage sale. People are either tied up tax wise or they may be waiting for you to drop prices a bit. Last time I sold on CL the item moved pretty quickly. i also had some ridiculously...
  7. utdrummer

    What is this thing?

    News to me. I didn't know they came in the non-reversible version. thanks for posting!
  8. utdrummer

    Please help me position my roto toms!

    might I suggest RIMS for each roto tom and install using regular "L" shaped arms to adjust them where you need them? Also...please Google "mounting roto toms into your kit", then click on "images"... I just did and you will find dozens of unique ways others have incorporated the three into their...
  9. utdrummer

    Looking for anything in particular at the Chicago Drum Show?

    Along with drum gear, I am also looking forward to meeting some of my "imaginary friends" as my wife calls them, on this forum and several others. I will wear a stick on name tag with "utdrummer" on it. if you see me walking around please stop me and introduce yourself. i promise not to follow...
  10. utdrummer

    Good Evening and WELCOME TO KANSAS!

    i wasn't familiar with Kansas until "Leftoverture" came out then I was hooked. Wore that record out. Great catalog of work over the following decades. And yes, Phil Ehart is still with them. My dad once told me you can't really have a career in music but I think Phil's longevity and the "newer"...
  11. utdrummer

    Looking for anything in particular at the Chicago Drum Show?

    i have three perfectly beautiful, classic kits but cannot wait to get to the Chicago show this year. My first time and while I will pick up a few small noise makers, I think I have narrowed it down to 60's Supras and maybe a Sonor snare if reasonable. Anything you're looking for that I might not...
  12. utdrummer

    Professional "Trash Can Endings"!!!

    Now you too can end those songs like a "pro"! Watch this short video and secrets will be revealed! Learn to cook that ending! One of Drumeo's better vids.
  13. utdrummer

    OT cool drum bar seats i saw last night

    Are those single or double ply on top? Can you get them with an optional wood hoop on top? I'd bet a fart cracks like crazy on a coated batter.
  14. utdrummer

    School Me on Rogers

    i hear that some of them look as good as they sound...
  15. utdrummer

    Questions about Chicago Drum Show

    great news...thanks guys
  16. utdrummer

    Questions about Chicago Drum Show

    i had a few more to ask but i saw cameras and video gear on Y/T, along with people wearing back packs or duffle bags, but for you that have gone previously, if i buy a large item, say a full kit, how do I get that back to Houston? Is there shipping help available in the hall? Do they have...
  17. utdrummer

    Chicago Drum Show

    I think we all know how that's gonna turn out...
  18. utdrummer

    New Craigslist scam?

    Was sure of was a text but no email. God I hate scammers
  19. utdrummer

    Rogers Supreme Big R bass drum pedal

    Up for sale is a nice Rogers Supreme bass pedal. All parts intact, clean and fast as ever. Previous owner has some anti slip pads on the foot board but that's the only neg I see to this pedal. Even has the original spring loaded dual beater that changes from felt beater to solid beater by...