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    Building My Music Room part 1 video

    The blankets are Audimute sound blankets. They are AWESOME! They made a HUGE difference in my old studio where I kept them. They also made a big difference in my basement. They definitely stop a lot of reflecting sound and help tone down the room. The only downfall is they are kinda gawdy and...
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    Snare Recommendations???

    the Tama G-Maple is a 13x7 and it's one of THE BEST SNARES out there. I have over 50 snare drums in my collections and I can not talk highly enough about that one. Best bang for the buck I know it's not metal like you're asking but you wouldn't be disappointed. If you really want metal look...
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    Drum Storage 101

    yeah that's crazy
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    Building My Music Room part 1 video

    So here is part 1 of my video series. Unfortunately I'm not going to lie... I've given up on doing a full music room build for one reason With our second daughter on her way and our THREE GIANT dogs. I plan on upgrading to a bigger house in the next 5-6 years when both girls are up and running...
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    I Got Yer Patina....

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    Disturbed - Land of Confusion cover

    Wow I GREATLY Appreciate that so much!! Thank you so much ! Yeah this new band we take it A LOT more serious and all the guys try real hard. It makes a HUGE difference even in my playing obviously
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    Disturbed - Land of Confusion cover

    This song is also a lot of fun. I had a couple of big mistakes that could have turned ugly but overall it's a lot of fun to play this song. It's nice to watch your own playing and judge it, find all the mistakes so you can correct them. [video=youtube_share;6nRxDIizwao]
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    Spaz Cam - What If by Creed

    Unfortunately not. But after the band saw this (we just started playing together) they agree'd we should do some cool multi-angle footage
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    Spaz Cam - What If by Creed

    Here's a clip from our show this weekend. What If by Creed [video=youtube;WVY8hVoOkbo]
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    Spaz Cam... I Believe in a Thing Called Love

    This song is so ridiculously fun to play.... and the crowd just eats it up. All comments welcome of course. [video=youtube;veXbl5xYCZg]
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    Fixing a cracked DW Edge Snare

    So one of my students brought me his DW Edge snare drum to look at. It has a nice size crack in the shell and he was scared of it getting any bigger. So here was my solution to the problem. Build a plate like I did for my Yamaha to help spread out the pressure. We decided to build a big enough...
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    Making my Music Room!

    yeah I'm looking to do a DriCore flooring. But that's a hefty price tag for the size of room I'm making. So I may just lay down a moisture barrier sheet and then lay down foam and OSB
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    Making my Music Room!

    yeah I'll be offsetting the drywall for sure. I'm also debating the channel now as I've seen several different methods. I've now been looking to do dryway, then the channel with sounboard fiberboard then drywall again. Instead of channel, then two layers of drywall
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    My Cymbal collection..what's yours?

    HOLY CRAP that's a lot of cymbals... I own a lot of cymbals but not that many OP
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    Making my Music Room!

    We've done more I just haven't taken anymore photos. But it's going pretty smooth so far and I'm excited to keep rocking next weekend!
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    Making my Music Room!

    and we decided... why not just do all of the basement... so here was under the stairs.. we cleared it out to build a storage room/ wood shop/ laundry room and music room in the basement. pulled down all the shelves framed all the way down
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    Making my Music Room!

    Room is a tornado disaster but I have to keep one kit up for band practice but here's how it looks as of now So we also put outlets up for the wood shop side. We did them 4' up so they will clear any work benches and be easier to plug in tools and saws etc...
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    Making my Music Room!

    Small update.. . My electrician came in and started doing some wiring. I would try the wiring myself but my house is so bad I had to hire out because he will be installing a sub panel for the basement, redoing all of the wiring in the original panel because nothing makes sense, swapping all of...
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    Worst Nightmare - House Fire

    I'm so sorry for your losses... that's tragic
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    Just got back from the worst concert in my life !

    man that sucks to hear. Nothing worse than a bad concert. Except if you REALLY REALLY wanted to go and then got the major let down of disappointment