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  1. FloydZKing

    What is the wood used in Pearls wood fiberglass drums?

    Well, maybe, lol. I have seen wood that looks like that in older MIJ. It looks like the wood they made re-rings from - whatever the heck that is...
  2. FloydZKing

    Drums YOU can Identify purely by sound???

    Yes, on rare occasions I can indeed. When it happens it's a sound I'm intimately acquainted with and recognize, usually, it's obvious - Blaemire concert toms being a most distinctive example.
  3. FloydZKing

    New TTO - what gets you going?

    I remembered another magic B-side. Covering Ed Thomas' 1969 composition. Sonor Acryl 24/13/14/16/18 with George Way aluminum 6.5x14, keys and ukes. Recorded April 2019 in Athens, GA.
  4. FloydZKing

    Sonor Phonic bass drum hoop question

    I think those hoops are correct. I owned a larger set of the same era, same finish and the 14x22 had those hoops. The toms (9x13,16x16) were also Phonic, not the Pluses.
  5. FloydZKing

    What are some “sleeper” great vintage drums?

    Pearl President with the phenolic shells. They are hard to find but beyond worth searching for.
  6. FloydZKing

    Gold colored drum wrap question

    Jammin' Sam no longer lists it on the website but he had it for years. I'd call him and see if he has any remnants.
  7. FloydZKing

    How many drum sets have you owned in your lifetime?

    I have finally lost track. About 100.
  8. FloydZKing

    8 and 10 inch drums

    Typically 8" double-headed toms don't do much for me but the 8x8 on my Blaemire set sounds as full as the others. Also, that set has 11(!) toms, so the 8" really needs to slot in with the others, I can't tune around any of them and on this set I don't need to. BTW, the 8x8 in question was...
  9. FloydZKing

    14" Rack Tom...

    I think for a 2 up/1 down setup, 12/14/16 is perfect BUT only provided that the ergonomics are workable for the individual. It suits me because I have rather long arms and am tall enough that even on a 24" bass, the 10x14 fits. A 12x15 would be too tall for me and I'd have the same problem.
  10. FloydZKing

    14" Rack Tom...

    You know what's wrong with 12/13/16? The 13" should be a 14" - problem solved.
  11. FloydZKing

    What is the wood used in Pearls wood fiberglass drums?

    The official description was "9-ply hardwood," their standard lauan with some boat goo blown into 'em. The last w/fg snares were the then-current maple shells with a fibed interior. I've seen lauan look like that before but who knows?
  12. FloydZKing

    Odd vintage cymbal tilter .. Looking for info

    dtk for the win.
  13. FloydZKing

    stainless steel 26 kicks, stainless steel toms any sizes

    I wish I did. It sounds like you are looking in all the right spots. It feel like pretty much everything turns up on ebay eventually but it can be maddening to wait for it. It sometimes pays to look under rocks too - "lugwid" "premiere" and the like can hide from the search function and there...
  14. FloydZKing

    stainless steel 26 kicks, stainless steel toms any sizes

    Look to the marching drums of the 70s from Ludwig and Premier. Lots of those shells were used outside of sets.
  15. FloydZKing

    New TTO for April, Do You Miss Me Darlin'?

    This time TTO covers the 1970 Burton Cummings/Kurt Winter composition. Recorded March 2019. Drums are Yamaha 8000 Tour with a Ming Pure 5x14, everything else is keyboards, ukuleles and vocals.
  16. FloydZKing

    28 or 26?

    I have a 10 x 28 wfl that plays beautifully. I think that the shallower depth really helps once you get past 26in. I had a 14 by 28 a long time ago and I'm pretty sure I like the 10x 28 much better.
  17. FloydZKing

    Drum Fill History question

    Jimbo Pachyderm?
  18. FloydZKing

    10" Yamaha Beech Custom Blueberry lacquer

    pm sent
  19. FloydZKing

    Yamaha STRAINER for 1980s Recording Custom snare

    Got a lovely 7x14 RC drum here with no strainer, looking for an original-era replacement. It's the square 4-hole bolt pattern.
  20. FloydZKing

    If you were to choose/keep 1 drumset, what would it be?

    Ya, no problems. 20" BD's are super versatile...