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    14 VS 13 Inch Snare Comparison

    I have always been hesitant about buying anything except a 14 inch snare. Generally speaking what should the difference feel like. Let's say a 13x6.5 compared with a 14X5.5
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    Evan EC Reverse Dot Snare Head

    Can this be used for brushes?
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    Need Help on FP8210 Yamaha Flying Dragon Pedal

    I just got the pedal along with a drumset I purchased. It is marked FP8210. Single chain The base plate has a keyhole cutout which allows for the unit to swivel when it is slid into it. The only problem I have is that this is the only part keeping the base plate attached to the rest of the unit...
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    Yamaha Oak Custom Question

    is this a wrap or wood finish
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    Yamaha Oak Custom Question

    What time period is this drum from and what is the color of the finish. Someone said it was Red Sedona Matte but It looks more like mahagony.
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    Can Someone Identify These Old Stagg Cymbals

    These came along with a drum set I bought. They are market hand made and on the bottom Y25R (ride) Y25C (crash) and Y25H(hats) I want to sell them and don't know what to ask. They are in mint condition
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    Looking for a Premier Expert-Vintage

    thank you for the info
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    What Kind of Supra is this

    how about $250.. Not bad with a Trick and DC rims
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    What Kind of Supra is this This guy sells many of these drums powder coated in different colors. It appears to be a supra shell with die cast rims and a trick throw with expensive wires. It apprears he...
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    Looking for a Premier Expert-Vintage

    I have recently acquired 2 Premier Snare Drums... I believe they are both aluminum shells. From what I have been told they are circa 1970's. One of them has a small 'P' and 10 lugs with a center bead while the other has a large P with with 8 slotted lugs and appears to be a 2000 model with the...
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    Snare Drum Tension.. how can I tell if it is low, mid or high

    I know this sounds like a dumb question... but I have many snares and don't have a reference point as to whether they are tuned mid or high.. Is there any note or frequency.....
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    Any Rogers Experts

    I have all their different models from the 60's Spotlight, Tower, PowerTone, Luxur, Holiday. Question: are the shells all the same or is there any difference between them
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    Premier Snare with a small "P" Logo What model was this Premier.. Is it worth $350 in this condition
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    Looks Like a Supra but I think only has 8 lugs Is this an acrolite... looks like a chrome finish.. but I only count 8 lugs
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    Moon Gell Substitutes

    what are the THESE
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    Moon Gell Substitutes

    I know that it didn't come from the moon but it surely is expensive. There must be similar type products that feel like and act like the MG. Maybe even some kids stuff.
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    What kind of a Ludwig Badge is This

    Thank you
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    Need Some Advice on Dampening my Ludwig Supra

    I love this snare.. have had for 50 years. It rings out too much and I am tired of moongel.. Any suggestions as to what I can use. Is there any disadvantage to using the internal muffler against the batter head. Would this impact responsiveness Thanks
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    What kind of a Ludwig Badge is This I am trying to figure when this drum was made and whether it is alum or steel
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    Original Wooden Dynasonic Vs. New Issue

    Does anyone have both and if so can you compare the sound etc