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  1. bbunks

    I was watching Brandi Carlile on Austin City Limits the other night

    Brandi Carlisle is a gift. Her performance on the Grammy's was the best in years. I'm late to the party but would love to see her in concert!
  2. bbunks

    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    Yes! Friday and Saturday.
  3. bbunks

    What are some “sleeper” great vintage drums?

    I own a ‘74 Niles Slingerland kit. The snare - a Krupa COB - is really great and underrated. The drums from the kit are also really nice, though I had the chrome wrap removed after too many years of abuse, and asa result, the edges are also redone. But...Slingerland hardware from that era...
  4. bbunks

    Bernard Purdie our Punchline But Not Now

    Saw him last night. He doesn’t need volume in order to be burnin’. And he’s almost 80!
  5. bbunks

    What’s the oldest thing you have that you personally bought brand new?

    Fitzgerald’s? I’m 10 min from there. Let me know if you play there again.
  6. bbunks

    What’s the oldest thing you have that you personally bought brand new?

    Slingerland kit and New Beats - 1974
  7. bbunks

    Modern Vintage 2 heads

    Put them on my DWs yesterday and am having a heck of a time getting them to sound good - nice round tone. I’m not going to pretend I’m a tuning pro, but I haven’t had a hard time with any other heads on these drums. Anyone using these? Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
  8. bbunks

    A “I could had gotten a great kit but..” moment.

    Or the start of a nice trip to Europe :-) Or a fun week in a U.S. city (ok, maybe not NYC or SF). But....a vacation nonetheless! I am amazed I have so little interest in acquiring gear any more. If I get something, it's only because I got rid of something else. Good luck with the new...
  9. bbunks

    An Hour with Mr. Garibaldi

    Lessons are the way. I’m still working on stuff from a lesson I took with Billy Ward in 1999!
  10. bbunks

    OT - time moves on...retiring in 3 weeks

    After working full-time for 39 years, i’m headed to semi-retirement on March 15. I’m going do some to coaching and consulting for a bit for income, but otherwise, l’ll be doing the house stuff, will have a little more drum practice time and the chance to work on some personal projects. I’m...
  11. bbunks

    Carter McClean left Dunnett/George Way for Ludwig...

    No one flipped out when I switched to Paiste after 30+ years playing Zildjian. Exactly. We all change and hear things differently. Carter is still going to sound like Carter and the GW drums are still going to sound great.
  12. bbunks

    Matt Wilson .. Honey and Salt.

    Saw him a year ago and really loved this.
  13. bbunks

    Drum lesson in Nashville?

    I took a lesson with Jim once when he was in Chicago through Vic’s. He’s a great teacher and isn’t shy about telling you where you need work. He’s top notch.
  14. bbunks

    Jim Catalano

    On may back to Chicago from taking my daughter to college one September, I came across Jim at a rest stop on Highway 80 with his wife. I said hello and told him I recognized him seeing him at the Chicago Drum Show. He was very gracious though he said I was wearing the wrong hat (Craviotto).
  15. bbunks

    Do You Only Like Music That's Familiar? A Test for Old Guys

    On the first list, I listen to about half. Can't say they're in regular rotation, but they're pretty good. Of the new bands on the 2nd list, I don't have an emotional connection with any of them. A lot of the music doesn't grab me. I find myself gravitating to bands with elements of blues and...
  16. bbunks

    Craviotto Mahogany Snare 4x14

    This drum has been sold.
  17. bbunks

    2019 Chicago Vintage Drum Show

    Yes. Will be there this year. Saturday for sure, maybe the entire weekend.
  18. bbunks

    Craviotto Mahogany Snare 4x14

    Check the Craviotto website for info on how they make their drums if you’re not familiar with their process. But it is a solid steambent piece of Mahogany. I ordered he drum directly from Craviotto.
  19. bbunks

    OT-Folks are getting old

    Yup, this is one of the difficult things about adulthood...watching your parents age and be in need of care. Good your folks aren't like my father denial and not doing anything about it until his Alzheimer's took over and the "job" of moving was on my mom's shoulders with my...
  20. bbunks

    Craviotto Mahogany Snare 4x14

    Thank you gentlemen - appreciate the kind words. And thank you for asking, but I'm not interested in trades. I have the good fortune of having too many drums and I need to thin the herd :)