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  1. Way Out Wardell

    A little OT: Movies with great original music

    Three come to my mind: first and probably obviously, Birdman. Then, the Bullitt soundtrack by Lalo Schiffrin is fantastic from start to finish. Lastly, the original compositions by Elmer Bernstein for LA Confidential really set the tone for the entire film wonderfully.
  2. Way Out Wardell

    Is restoring a drum set worth it?

    Been there, for sure. There are very few things which will recoup the cost of restoration once it's finished, be it instruments, cars, or buildings (and I've done all three).
  3. Way Out Wardell

    Bullitt "Shifting Gears" (Movie vs Soundtrack) Earl Palmer, Stan Levey, Larry Bunker

    Nice side-by-side! I went as Frank Bullitt for Halloween a few years ago in this outfit. Nobody got it and I just looked like someone overdressed for a party.
  4. Way Out Wardell

    Singer tells drummer to stop dragging...chaos ensues

    Not quite my tempo...
  5. Way Out Wardell

    Somewhat OT: Brian Henneman (Bottle Rockets singer) Retires

    I saw this earlier, thought I'd pass it along:
  6. Way Out Wardell

    O.T. If you don't care much for Country Music...

    Country and jazz together? You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!
  7. Way Out Wardell

    Chick Corea has passed away

    Saw him for the first time at the closeout of a high school jazz band competition in 1996. Transcendent.
  8. Way Out Wardell

    O.T. If you don't care much for Country Music...

    This is my favorite country song. Released in '95.
  9. Way Out Wardell

    OT: Zappa meets Davy Jones

    The preceding segment to the Zappa/Jones clip was of Davy singing and dancing to Nilsson's 'Daddy's Song', (Eddie Hoh, drums) & choreographed by Toni Basil. Hats off to everyone involved, because this couldn't have been easy to film, perform or edit.
  10. Way Out Wardell

    Were there additional musicians in your family? Tell us!

    No other family that I know of except for my dad's father who could apparently play all sorts of stringed instruments by ear.
  11. Way Out Wardell

    Singing Drummer Mic Stand

    I don't use anything wildly different from other people here - weighted stand with a flexible gooseneck and a Beta 58A.
  12. Way Out Wardell

    Eddie Hoh w/ Modern Folk Quartet, Greenwich Village 1966

    Just came across these photos of Eddie Hoh drumming with the Modern Folk Quartet at the Night Owl Cafe in the Village, '66. MFQ went 'electric' in '65 and hired Eddie after seeing him with Joel Scott Hill and Lee Michaels. Spector was interested in producing them, but it didn't really go...
  13. Way Out Wardell

    Early 1900’s Dixie Music House Drum

    Really cool. I found more on the company: Looks like they were HQd on the couple of blocks as Lyon & Healey, Kimball Piano and later on, Frank's Drum Shop
  14. Way Out Wardell

    OT: Ideal pedal by Sterling Auto

    It's a very old aftermarket accelerator pedal, early '20s. Sterling made metal accessories for cars (step plates, pedals, arm rests, etc.).
  15. Way Out Wardell

    Robert Palmer on Letterman in 88

    This is so good. 'She's so fine, there's no telling where the money went' is a killer line.
  16. Way Out Wardell

    In Memoriam 2020: The Musicians We Lost

    Gene Wright died on the 30th at 97. He was the last surviving member of Dave Brubeck Quartet's classic lineup
  17. Way Out Wardell

    Does Anyone Play a Bop Sized Kit and NOT play jazz here?

    I played mostly 'roots and Americana', mostly on one of two 20/12/14 sets have.
  18. Way Out Wardell

    Is This a Slingerland Canister Throne?

    No problem, thanks to all for your help. I am considering putting it up for sale (haven't used it in a looooong time) so wanted to make sure I could be accurate with what it is!