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  1. Roch

    Bass drum foot technique

    I try and do a page or two of my Colin Bailey foot control book every second practice or so... and any sticking exercises or rudiments I'm always playing along with my feet some how...sometimes I do sticking exercises and also try and fit in a line or two of Syncopation exercises with my...
  2. Roch

    OT: poison oak...

    We make a paste with baking soda and water..basically the same effect..I had it so bad as a kit I had to get needles in my hip bone..missed a ton of school..My hands became webbed with huge blisters between the fingers..I was a hideous monster..
  3. Roch

    DFO shirts and hats?

    How much is it to ship to Canada?????? :P
  4. Roch

    What’cha all been doing to occupy yourselves?

    Had our busiest year at the deli...finished off our lease and closed up shop..spend a week moving all contents to a storage facility, and my garage...been walking every day for an hour, low carb diet, lost 15 lbs, brought down my blood pressure, planning the new shop, starting to ramp up...
  5. Roch

    You know we all are really this drummer.......................

    He's a lot more fun to watch than me..I'm pretty boring...I look like I am just sitting on the know..the throne...:pottytrain4:
  6. Roch

    Why do US sellers NOT want to ship to Canada?????????????

    Friggin' Canada!
  7. Roch

    Why do US sellers NOT want to ship to Canada?????????????

    That's how I have felt for a few years now..There is a lot of vintage stuff that I would like but I basically double the price in my head and then realize I may as well wait until something comes available around here..I'm luck to have a shop near me that is going strong and gets a steady supply...
  8. Roch

    Why do US sellers NOT want to ship to Canada?????????????

    This was my experience over the years..Every time I bought something it was different and varied from one company to another.. It was like rolling the dice and I never really knew the final price until after I recieved the package and even then, I wasn't sure I wouldn't be getting a bill..
  9. Roch

    You know we all are really this drummer.......................

    I'd pay to see that
  10. Roch

    OT - Learning a second language in your sixties.

    I'm having a hard enough time trying to learn my own language..what was up is now down..what was good is now sick...and don't dare tell anybody you're getting busy....sheesh!
  11. Roch

    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    I had the same one..I regret selling it..
  12. Roch

    OT: What's for dinner?

    Here's my bacon sliced to go into the freezer for later..I had my sodium blast yesterday with the chop..
  13. Roch

    Paradiddles didn't make my hands independent

    Think about what you want your hands to do and do it..start slowly..paradiddles are the equivelent of drills for an doesn't get you there but it helps....just my opinion
  14. Roch

    OT: What's for dinner?

    Back Bacon. Called Canadian Bacon in the is brined and smoked pork loin..I will let it cool , then slice it in thin slices, shrink wrap and freeze it in portions.. Fry it up like regular bacon..not so much, though as it is leaner and will dry out..
  15. Roch

    OT: What's for dinner?

    Kasseler..Smoked some pork chops..ready to be fried up..
  16. Roch

    Worth having 2 kits ? is important to always have one set up if you can..if you can just sit down and start playing at will, then you will practice more..if your stuff has been packed up and you have to set it up before you play, you might not least that's how it used to work for me..I have a home...
  17. Roch

    O.T. Muppets ranking

  18. Roch

    Food Can Kit Part Deux...

    Too many carbs for me...;) cool kit!
  19. Roch

    Rock Songs with Great Hi-Hat Work?