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  1. Ron_M

    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    Alright, this one has to be a scam. Too cheap w/free shipping. Anyone seen this posted elsewhere? I can't find where it might be lifted from. If it's a legit first ad, someone's getting a steal. I can't see it, though. Gretsch Brooklyn Bop Kit, Burnt Orange
  2. Ron_M

    Hot Rod Super Sensitive

    You're a chef of resto, meaning that I could follow your recipe, but the meal wouldn't taste nearly as good :)
  3. Ron_M

    Simple question: did Buddy Rich actually use the signature sticks Vic Firth makes?

    I don't understand how some of you guys buy your sticks. You look at the specs, right? Stick material, length, diameter, taper. I mean, who gets a stick and thinks, "Christ, I had no idea..."? Does anyone care about the artist's name tied to a stick?
  4. Ron_M

    Is the ride cymbal dying in modern rock music?

    I don't know if it qualifies, but there's a lot of decent americana rock where the ride is still used, and some nice hand-hammered stuff that works well on medium to low volume material. I've also seen it in some pop scenarios.
  5. Ron_M

    Observation about tom and floor tom heads

    Mike, just to add some detail to this thread, what specifically was the problem you were experiencing when using ambassadors (on a square-sized floor tom)?
  6. Ron_M

    Hoping Roland will make good... (Rejected Warranty Claim)

    Agree 100% with bpaluzzi, and I would add that, if your friend’s expectation is that Yamaha would cover that type of damage under warranty, they might someday be disappointed.
  7. Ron_M

    Halftime Show....

    It was a spectacle, and the guy's talented. Just not my cup of tea. I wish they would bring the marching bands back. Let them do their thing. Talented individuals/groups that wouldn't otherwise get that kind of exposure.
  8. Ron_M

    OT - Sort Of - Kindle vs Books

    No more books, unless it's full of graphics. Love the paperwhite, easy on the eyes and to use in bed. Saves space and resources, and has increased the amount I read many-fold.
  9. Ron_M

    Snare wire problem

    What varatrodder and Seb said. Using cord will change the endplate angle for the better so the wires will have better contact across the ss head. At least that’s my experience with Ludwig snare drums.
  10. Ron_M

    Update- reply from Istanbul Agop rep - Agop Signature Hats

    If you want a proper 1/2" hole, use a t-handle reamer, and run it through. I've done this many times with vintage As, and it works like a charm. I use a deburring tool to finish the edges, but it's not necessary...
  11. Ron_M

    Spring loaded beaters?

    Definitely interested in hearing your opinions on this.
  12. Ron_M

    Spring loaded beaters?

    Just saw this one, online, a week or two ago. Not sure if the head is interchangeable, but it looks like you could pop the nut and fender washer off, and replace with a head of your choice. A bit spendy though.
  13. Ron_M

    Some Regal Tip Love

    I use the same, but brush it on. Works like a charm. I honestly don't care for the feel of the Regal Tips I've tried. Vic Firth is my stick, and I've found many models that play and feel the way I like. The finish is my only complaint (I have dry hands), so started applying the Bullseye a...
  14. Ron_M

    OT: Your Favorite War Movies

    Yes, I mentioned this as a fave, a page or 2 back. Great footage, and I love the matter-of-fact commentary from those who were there. I also recommend, "The Cold Blue", if you haven't seen it. Some (to me) surprising facts revealed; for example, the average temp in a B17 flying at altitude was...
  15. Ron_M

    OT: Your Favorite War Movies

    Mine are both fairly recent docs. The Cold Blue; personal accounts of B17 missions. It's all about the stories and the memories. They Shall Not Grow Old; Amazing troop footage, and again, it's all about the personal recollections.
  16. Ron_M

    MIJ Starclassics slightly different?

    Small design changes can happen within lines, and 10 or 11 years is a big gap. It seems that is reflected in your add-on. If the bearing edge difference is an issue for you, you could send the drum out to be recut to your desired profile. Precision does excellent work, for example.
  17. Ron_M

    SOLD-1969 Ludwig Standards 12/14/20 in faded Blue Mist

    I love the faded blue to blue/green. Where do these live?
  18. Ron_M

    Snare Tuning...HELP before I lose my sanity!

    Just poking fun. symptom, diagnose, prescription. Medical terms, but sometimes used by engineers to note troubleshooting process. And I agree about mics and recording
  19. Ron_M

    Snare Tuning...HELP before I lose my sanity!

    C'mon Joe; sx dx rx. What kind of an engineer are you?