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  1. seungkeeya

    DW Collector's Stainless Steel 14x5 Snare

    Very good condition. Brand new bottom head Pearl 42 strands snare wire **Shel has a very slight dent/warp on it. Hard to picture, but it's my best shot. Nothing is breaking apart. Sounds as good as new one. $315 OBO shipped
  2. seungkeeya

    Paiste Signature Cymbals and Zildjian Special Dry Cymbals

    I have bunch of Paiste Signature lines. Interested in selling, but also trade with some Agop 30th 19" or 22" ride 1. 22" Signature Full Ride C$385 obo 4. 14" Signature Heavy Hi-Hat C$300 obo 5. 21" Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Ride C$330 obo 6. 15" Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Hi-Hat C$380...
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  4. seungkeeya

    Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials 18" China

    Like new, immaculate condition. Raw camera sound from a pop recording i did: $265 shipped Trade possible with Masters Dark 17"18" Crash, 15" Hats, or 20" Ride,
  5. seungkeeya


    Like new condition. Only played few times. Factory installed 3-rivets (How Weckl uses it) $220 shipped Weckl's playing with this (not exact one) cymbal:
  6. seungkeeya

    Paiste Twenty Masters Dark Crisp Ride 22"

    Excellent condition. Very very versatile for any genres of music. I am just used to Dark Ride so much so looking an opportunity for this to go to a new home. Asking $350 $325 shipped to US/Canada. (sorry, shipping hurts on this one...) quick excerpt from a vid I played (might not represent...
  7. seungkeeya

    SOLD - Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Thin Prototype 19" Crash

    I have a beautiful Meinl prototype cymbal "Foundry Proof” Logo, meaning it was a prototype, believed to be the first one in the line. (Correct me if I am wrong) It looks to be modelled after (or before) Byzance 19" Extra Dry Thin Crash, as the mark says "B19EDTC". Weight says 1350g Very light...
  8. seungkeeya

    Recording Custom Aluminium snare!

    Has anyone have experience with this? My buddy has this and thinking about selling. I just got rid of my beloved DW BNOB to support my recording gear, immediately needing a metal snare for a recording . Ive seen some of youtube reviews of Yammy and it sounded really good! Especially aluminium...
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    Tama Starclassics ID

    Anyone has any idea what exact model from Starclassics this is? Birch, Maple, performer...etc? Thanks in advance!
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    I combined my items list into one, plz delete this.
  12. seungkeeya

    SOLD - Sennheiser MD421-II Microphones Pair

    I have two brand new-like MD421-II. Come with hardshell case and everything together. $285 each, $500 for both shipped.
  13. seungkeeya

    Istanbul Agop Xist Ion Crash 22" for...

    I got this from trade with a forum member. I like it a lot, but wanna see if there is opportunity to get what I like more. Looking for Paiste Masters Dark crash 17+, Dark ride 20+, Dark Hats 15, Signature Full crash 17+, Traditional light, med-light ride 20+. Will compensate the difference...
  14. seungkeeya

    SOLD - Paiste Signature Precision 18” Crash

    Like new condition. little fingerprints and thats about it. $180 $160 shipped
  15. seungkeeya

    SOLD - Paiste Twenty Masters Dark Dry 21” Ride

    It’s in swap section, might as well putting up for sale as well. excellent condition. Open to trade only with Masters Dark 15” hats, Masters Dark crash 17+, Masters (twenty masters preferred) 20” ride and/or Traditional light/Med. Light ride 20+ $285 shipped here is older vid I made.
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    I am selling Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface and Behringer ADA8200 preamp. Both have 8 analog inputs, so if connected together, there are total of 16 inputs. Great for larger multi track recording. I can sell it separately or together. $225 shipped for Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 $225...
  17. seungkeeya

    SOLD - DW BNOB 14 x 6.5 Snare with Tube Lugs

    Excellent condition. It was one if my favorite snares of all time, but it’s time to a new home. Selling to support my audio equipment upgrade. Familiar Black Nickel over Brass with Tube lugs for classic look. I emailed DW and they said it was November 2013 build. Mag throw off and Truehoops...
  18. seungkeeya

    Paiste Twenty Masters 21” Dark Dry for Masters Dark/Traditional

    Excellent condition. Looking to trade with Masters Dark 15” hats, Masters Dark crash 17+, Masters (twenty masters preferred) 20” ride and/or Traditional light/Med. Light ride 20+.
  19. seungkeeya

    SOLD - Meinl Byzance Extra Dry, Dual, Trash Cymbals

    Selling for a friend of mine. Prefer selling as a set, but will see possibility of individual sale. They are all new to like new condition. (Far left ride from the picture is not available) Sorry no trade at this moment. 14” Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Medium Hi Hats C$500 16” Meinl Byzance...
  20. seungkeeya

    Tama backrest part

    Looking to get one if theres any out there.