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  1. dboomer

    Bongo advice

    I would love to have the sound of bongos from something that could be played with a stick so I can just mix it in with my regular kit. But I’ve never found anything to do it. I’m guessing I’ll never get closer than using something sampled and electronic.
  2. dboomer

    Thoughts on DW drums!

    In my case, I bought them both, put the same heads on them and set them up side by side. DWs were an exotic wood finish and the Gretsch were wrapped. I couldn’t really hear anything different between them. But the fit and finish of the DW was considerably better. So I sold the Gretsch kit...
  3. dboomer

    Tuning for bop drums

    Well first of course you have to define what a tuned drum actually is ;)
  4. dboomer

    Nesting kit options

    Whitney Penguin drums
  5. dboomer

    New A&F Hi-Hat Stand

    Idon’t get the reason to have a folding system. First it appears the top section doesn’t fold flat so that means it will take up more space than a detachable top. Secondly, the actual folding linkage will wear around the pins as inevitably the top will bend back a bit every time you pick it...
  6. dboomer

    In Praise of Masterwork

    I bought a Masterwork Jazz Pointer ride a few years ago really by accident. It has become my favorite jazz ride cymbal. There’s something about that B25 alloy that just sets these apart.
  7. dboomer

    Electronic drum players, need help!

    Spending a lot more money than your budget, sorry.
  8. dboomer

    Polyurethane Coatings...tough bastards...

    Any of those paint strippers contain methylene chloride?
  9. dboomer

    I guess I am old but I find this puzzling

    In my opinion Ebay feedback is 99.9% useless. Amazon, otoh, is enormously amusing. People leaving one star reviews saying it didn’t fit when the dimensions are clearly posted
  10. dboomer

    Drum hacks

    Hose clamps work great. But shaft locks are sexier if you don’t mind a couple of bucks.
  11. dboomer

    Low ride cymbal vs. High ride cymbal positioning!

    I think the decision is mostly based on whether you play your ride cymbal with a French (thumb up) grip or a German (palm down) grip. If French it can go up and with German it should be lower.
  12. dboomer

    SOLD -Roland Octa-Capture 8 channel interface

    No. I had it mounted in a rack tray that allowed me to also have a 4 channel headphone amp. The Roland unit is about 2/3 wide.
  13. dboomer

    Help - Can Anyone Refinish Drums With Damaged Clear-Coat?

    Pretty easy fix if the finish is n. lacquer. If it’s poly probably isn’t gonna happen
  14. dboomer

    SOLD -Roland Octa-Capture 8 channel interface

    This interface will allow you to use up to 8 mics (or line inputs) directly to your computer for recording vis USB. Has class A mic preamps are you can use this as a stand alone mixer by itself. In perfect working order and includes the factory power supply. $300 plus shipping or trade for ???
  15. dboomer

    I’m vaccinated!!!

    Got #1 on Saturday.
  16. dboomer


    Here’s a free better solution ...
  17. dboomer

    Roland TD 30 connections to PA

    Stagescape is a much higher quality mixer.
  18. dboomer

    Roland TD 30 connections to PA

    I’n not certain that you can do anything in the Behringer mixer that you can’t just assign in the TD30. You would have much higher dynamic range bypassing the Behringer mixer and going directly into the Stagescape mixer.
  19. dboomer


    Manufacturers use the word to distinguish between the lower end of their professional equipment lines and the higher end of it and “consumer” gear to be even lower grade. It describes the gear itself and not the user of the gear.
  20. dboomer

    Light Thrones

    Another complaint that manufacturers rarely list the weight of their thrones. So when I can’t find it I often look to Amazon as they publish the shipping weight and just guess from there. Today I was looking at the Yamaha DS550 throne. Amazon lists the weight at 4lbs while the very similat...