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  1. MBB

    Bass Drum Mic -- again

    Hi All, is there any consensus as to the "best" (if there is such a thing) mic for a BD for live shows? I have been using an old Shure but was hoping to find another good sounding mic that is less bulky to mount onto my hoop with a goose neck holder. The Shure is way too heavy.
  2. MBB

    Very ignorant mic set up question

    Sorry if this is a real stupid question, but I have little experience with live micing (other than sound guys doing it). I have mics for my snare, toms and bd that typically all run into whatever PA/mixer stuff is around. My question: is there a small device/mixer/box that I can plug this stuff...
  3. MBB

    Compression and reverb in recording

    When listening to drums on records it is obvious the sound generally has been tweaked in the studio. Some records much more than others. My stupid question is how (in simple terms) exactly does adding reverb and compression change the sound? I get the compression analogy to high or low pass...
  4. MBB

    Istanbul 25th Anniversary ride

    I recently saw on of these Instanbul Agop 25th Anniversary rides in a shop and did not know what to make of it. Was 21 inches as I recall. Sounded pretty nice. Cannot find much info on these, I suppose because it's obviously not made any more. Just curious. I tend to like Istanbuls in general.
  5. MBB

    British Drum Company

    I just saw a three piece BDC kit. Scandinavian Birch. Holey smokes the 12 in tom (whole kit as well) was amazingly loud and full. Sounded like a cannon. I was shocked at how loud and good the dang thing sounded. Looked very nice as well.
  6. MBB

    Anyone use Inde components on Ludwig drums?

    I am ready to order an Inde rail system so I can mount my 13x9 tom on my bd (Lud Legacy kit). Much lower profile, much less bulky than the Arch. My only hesitation is the fact that the tom is pretty heavy and will be suspended by a small bracket that replaces the lug (two screws). Will this be...
  7. MBB

    XLR cable choices/pricing?

    I need to pick up XLR cables for my Sennheiser e604's. When I look around there seem to be loads of choices and prices. How high quality does one need for these? I plan on using the mics for live playing so I can hear myself through in ears. Thanks.
  8. MBB

    Roland volume issue

    I am a novice with this system (TD17-kvx) and am having volume issues when I pair my pc to the system with bluetooth. The volume on the pc is barely loud enough through headphones and the volume of the kit swamps whatever I am trying to play along with. Any tips? Cannot figure this out. PC...
  9. MBB

    Line dancing tunes?

    Can some of you more country leaning folks recommend good songs for line dancing? We have a gig at a fund raiser and the organizers asked for this. We are not a country band but do play a few tunes that work but really need to add about 5-10 more to make things fun for the crowd. We are fans of...
  10. MBB

    Roland TD17KVX question

    Can someone tell me why some places advertise these sometimes as a TD17KVX-S? What the heck is the S for?
  11. MBB

    Last Day of Work

    Feeling pretty strange. Going to work for the last time today. Official retirement day. Happy not to have to get up, commute and all, but boy after 36 years of doing research/science it's gonna be odd not to be doing it. Feels a bit surreal in a very good way. I will be treating myself with a...
  12. MBB

    Other Drummers on your kit.

    We played kind of weird gig Saturday. A one hour set then we were the sort of the house band for a blues/R&B jam thing for the next 3 hours where performers signed-up to do one or two songs either with the full band or with other musicians who would fill in. There was a second drum kit set up...
  13. MBB

    Nerves worse when you know people in the audience?

    Generally, but not always, I don't get nervous before gigs. However my band just agreed to play a party for my coworkers (my retirement party) at a proper bar/music venue. When I was asked if we could do it and I said sure, then all of a sudden I felt freaking nervous. VERY strange. It is no...
  14. MBB

    Promo pics

    I guess this is in a way sort of related to my stage wear post. We replaced a band member who left a while ago and never took new pics for our website and promo packs. Now we are getting ready to do so at various locations (no brick walls or railroad tracks). Our singer wants us to bring some...
  15. MBB


    Do you cover band folks wear what would be considered stagewear? I ask because a bunch of coworkers showed up at a gig yesterday which was pretty cool. All loved the band/music. I think they were surprised that we did NOT sound like a crappy dad/garage band. That said some asked why I looked...
  16. MBB

    Keeping stable time

    What do guys here use live to monitor tempos? My bandmates and I just tried a crappy phone app to monitor and follow bpm last night. I found myself playing more like a robot in a stupor blindly following the blinking and clicking of the app. Not ideal. Felt as though the feel of the songs was...
  17. MBB

    Eddie Money

    I read a couple weeks ago that he was fighting cancer, now it was just announced that he passed away this morning. Sad news.
  18. MBB

    Cool looking drums from Holland

    A drummer friend from the Netherlands is ordering a kit from this company. Looks interesting. Not many Dutch drum makers I would imagine.
  19. MBB

    Yamaha FP9 Direct Drive?

    The Tama Dyna Sync thread is giving that pedal fantastic reviews. Anybody try the Yamaha FP9 direct drive? It looks to have some real nice features as well.
  20. MBB


    Can you guys offer advice on mics for snare and toms? I want to start trying to mic my snare and toms (already have a kick mic) through my in-ears with other instruments so I can actually hear my drums better. Any advice would be appreciated.