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  1. Angelo Zollo

    Gluing shells together

    I know you can, but should you glue two 8x16s to make a 16x16. The 2 halves are available and it is cheaper. Will it sound bad? Silly question but I was just wondering.
  2. Angelo Zollo

    14x14 or 16x16 Slingerland

    I am putting out an APB on the above size Slingerland toms. 14x14 is preferable. 3ply with rings. Will re wrap in blue agate and add to existing set Thanks I have a 9x13 Slingerland 3ply if anyone is looking
  3. Angelo Zollo


    I was looking online for some drum parts and a company was offering ( their words ) a hard wood shell similar to maple. Have you guys ever heard of tulipwood?
  4. Angelo Zollo

    Novus1 and 2

    I was going to order some to remove some light scratches on my blue agate Slingerland. The reviews of the product were mixed. Any thoughts about Novus? Thanks Angelo
  5. Angelo Zollo

    It is going to have to be OK

    Living Rurally, I am certain I will not play in a band again. It is going to have to be OK that I practice alone or to music in my library. I think it is truly over. I think I will be Ok with it.
  6. Angelo Zollo

    Learning the set list

    I have been to the second audition for a band. I was assigned 5 songs for the 1st audition and we ended up doing 22. The 2nd audition we did 20 original songs. How do you guys learn all the hits and stops and a myriad of other stuff so fast. I can’t even remember the names of all the songs!
  7. Angelo Zollo

    My home built Bop 4 piece

    Hi guys I will give it to you straight. I fell in love today with a Gretsch Renown, Burnt Orange Lacquer with 1 up and 2 down. OYYYY!❤️ The top hat and cane specs, BD is 16x18 8 ply maple. Pictures reveal clean inside and sharp bearing edges. Comes with riser and modified spurs for extended...
  8. Angelo Zollo

    Hearing Protection

    What do you guys recommend for hearing protection. Ear plugs seem to kill the snare sound. I am considering my chainsaw earmuffs during rehearsals and I will just hang tough for playing in public.
  9. Angelo Zollo

    New Sonor set

    The AQX Poplar Shells I believe it comes with the 1000 hardware package and B8 cymbals It is a Sonor. How bad can it be? Now please PLEASE do something in Mahogany!!
  10. Angelo Zollo

    Gretsch Mahogany

    I just learned that Gretsch Renown comes in 6plt Mahogany. I thought Renown only came in maple. Anyone have any experience with them? Thanks .
  11. Angelo Zollo


    Just curious How often do you guys change heads. i have had the snare side of my De-Lite snare drum on for 13 years. Still sounds good. Generally speaking, I change out every 3 years. On my toms, is moving the bottom head to the top and buying new bottoms acceptable As my Dad said “ if you...
  12. Angelo Zollo

    Modern Drummer mags

    Should I just recycle my old 2004,2005,2006 Modern Drummer mags or give to the library if they want them? AZ
  13. Angelo Zollo


    I have a beautiful piano in my house. Are there any FREE websites for learning to play?
  14. Angelo Zollo

    Slingerland Hardware

    Do you guys know where I can get Slingerland hardware to outfit a 4 piece set of raw shells? Need snare throw and butt plate too Thanks Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  15. Angelo Zollo


    I have had this set I made for over 10 years. 18 in bass. I have a set of shells with a 20 in bass. Is it a bad idea to remove all the hardware from the pictured set and use it for the new set which I would like to stain? I would then sell the blank shells. Just want something different Thanks...
  16. Angelo Zollo

    When does a drum become Vintage

    Is it 25 years?
  17. Angelo Zollo

    Making a snare

    Hello Everyone My very lovely Blue Agate Slingerlands came with 2 13x9 toms. 3 ply with rings. Would it Sound OK to make the extra 13x 9 into a snare. The shell is excellent. What do you guys think? 13x6. I don’t think the extra holes will bother me. The set never came with a snare. Precision...
  18. Angelo Zollo

    Please help

    I was recently advised that for match grip I should hold my sticks at the first joint closest to my nail and there must be a gap between my index finger and thumb. I always held my stick at the middle joint. So off I went to learn this. RH okay / LH very weak and my L stick is going Left to...
  19. Angelo Zollo

    New Drums

    Any reports on the Rogers drums made in Covington Ohio? They are around 4000 usd but I don’t know what they’re made of. Are they just released or has this been going on awhile?
  20. Angelo Zollo

    Louie Bellson

    Was Mr Bellson and for that matter, Jeff Hamilton endorsers of Removal Drums. I think they were the Mastertouch Model. Besides money, does anyone know why they did that? I am sure all the Manufacturers made offers ( I am guessing ) . Can anyone speak to the quality of Remo Drums?