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  1. Purdie Shuffle

    Must Sell All

    Boys I have several items for sale All prices are firm. Please, serious inquiries only. I haven’t been around for awhile but I have a long history here at DFO. Check my old sales for feedback. Buy with confidence. 1. A matched set of mid-70’s Zildjian hollow ink logo cymbals. All in excellent...
  2. Purdie Shuffle

    61' Ludwig (pre-serial number badges) Sky Blue Pearl

    1961 Ludwig (Pre-serial number keystone badges) Sky Blue Pearl kit in 8.5/10 condition, wrap and hardware is beautiful and clean. 12", 16", 22" w/matching 14"x 5"Jazzfest snare. $1300. (second 12" tom available ask.) Shell pack only - Bass drum has MIJ diamond tom mount, otherwise the kit is all...
  3. Purdie Shuffle

    A Thank You To My Brothers & Sisters @ DFO

    Hi Guys & Gals, I have never been so blessed or humbled in my entire life as I am right now. Friends and family is one thing, but the members of DFO are just something else, in a class all by themselves. If this accident had happened, 'on-the-job' the Fire Dept. would have stepped in with...
  4. Purdie Shuffle

    OT Motorcycle Accident

    My son was badly injured in a motorcycle accident last night. Oddly, this happened on his birthday. His mother, sister, wife and I are upset but glad that he's alive and that there were no head injuries or internal bleeding. He's broken up pretty badly. Arm, wrist, ribs and a shattered right...
  5. Purdie Shuffle

    Camco/DW Hybrid -

    Hi All, Just wanted to share a couple of shots of the completed Camco/DW hybrid project. I bought the Oaklawn snare shell on Fleabay. It had badly stained and faded blue swirl wrap which I replaced with red glass glitter to match my Geo. Way/Camco orphan kit. I bought all the hardware, lugs...
  6. Purdie Shuffle

    6.5"x14" NOS Slingy Brass Sound File/Vid

    Hi All, I'm really loving the new/old snare drum I made from that old shell I bought on fleabay. It's a great sounding snare drum to my ears, but you be the judge. I made a video my self practicing with a focus on the snare drum. The drums are my Camco's. 13", 15", 16", 20". Man I hope that...
  7. Purdie Shuffle

    PICS UP! Is There Any Such Thing As A 12"x15" Black Galaxy

    Hi Mike, hello All, If I may, a personal note before I get started… Mike, I’ve been a member here for two years and in that timeI have grown to like and to respect you as a person and more importantly, as a friend. I just want you to know that I consider you every bit as much a friend of...
  8. Purdie Shuffle

    OT: Favorite Fire Sign Theater Quote

    I get a lot of comments, mostly from old dinosaurs like myself who roamed the earth way back in the 60's... the Paleolithic Era, about the tagger on my posts. It's one of my favorite quotes from Fire Sign Theater. I used to run home, burn one down and curl up next to the radio to get my 'funny...
  9. Purdie Shuffle

    Slingy Snare Drum Builds From Ebay NOS Shells

    Hi guys and gals, Just purchased this shell on the bay: The spec's say the lug hole spacing is 2 5/16ths. Are any other lugs interchangeable with Slingerland lugs? I want to customize this shell and I don't want to use slingy lugs. I never liked slingy...
  10. Purdie Shuffle

    O.T. Help Save A Neighborhood Firehouse -

    Hi All, My son is a New York City firefighter. After 911 he became a volunteer fire fighter at a house in his old neighborhood in Rockaway, Queens. Four years later he -aced- the NYFD dept. exam and became a rookie firefighter with the Beekman Street Tigers (Engine 6) in lower Manhattan. The...
  11. Purdie Shuffle

    My New/Old Camco Floor Tom!

    Just scored this little gem on the bay: I contacted the guy with an offer after the auction ended and he went for it. It'll be on the way to me from California tomorrow. It'll be wrapped in red glass glitter to match my kit and placed into service. I am...
  12. Purdie Shuffle

    For the most-part, I hate guitar players -

    Never met or worked with a great guitar player who either wasn't; a. deeply in love - with himself, or b. who wasn't in some way slightly 'askew' personality-wise. I honestly don't think there is a 'normal' guitar player out there. 'Ego dysfunction' in certain people (when it's over the top,)...
  13. Purdie Shuffle

    Ludwig 12" & 13" Black Panther Toms

    Does anyone know what the current market value would be for two Ludwig Black Panther toms in VG condition w/script logo T-bar and holders? The pointy B/O badges date the drums to 1969. Looks like 3-ply clear maple in there. 12" & 13" rack toms and vintage tom holder only. I'm also going to see...
  14. Purdie Shuffle

    59' J-Fest Duco For My 59' Clubbies!

    Hi All, My New Year's kick off project this year was a 1959 transition badge Club Date kit that was in pretty rough condition when it arrived. Here is a link for anybody who wants to see what these drums looked like in the 'Before' photos...
  15. Purdie Shuffle

    8-lug 80's Supra? -

    Hi Guys, I need a little identification help, please. I got a good deal on the drum in the photo, (under $100!) but I'm having trouble identifying it. It's a deep-dish 6.5" x 14" w/ 8- Imperial lugs and an 80's black & white label. What is it? Is it an 8-lug supra? An acro with Imperials? I'm...
  16. Purdie Shuffle

    Lug Design -

    There was a thread about some Finnish drums floating round and I was intrigued by the lug design. I made changes to the Finnish basic design and came up with the lug design below. I think it would look killer on unwrapped, natural finish wood shells. Tell me what you think of my design... The...
  17. Purdie Shuffle

    I need to get a Life! Help!!! -

    I just looked at my post count. I have to get a life! And... after 3000 posts I think I've earned the right not to have to look at the Dan in a kimono photo yet one more time! LOL See? I was young once... I had a life... once... John
  18. Purdie Shuffle

    A Little Fun -

    A little Saturday fun... First one to correctly identify the country of origin of the drummers in the photo, either by the costumes or by the drums, will win a brand new NOMO tom protector. Hint: The 'crock' is ticking... lol John
  19. Purdie Shuffle

    Pearl Master Series Free-Floating 3.5"x14"

    Hi guys, I know Oo-gotz about Pearl drums. But I couldn't pass up this little piccolo snare drum because of the Free-Floating system and the price. The drum is near mint, just needed some accumulated dust removed and the sound of this thing is amazing. Does anybody know anything about these...
  20. Purdie Shuffle

    Latest Build -

    Hi All, Just wanted to share/show-off the results of my latest snare drum build. Until I can buy/afford a vintage Camco snare drum to go with my kit, I wanted to have a snare drum that not only sounded great, but it had to look great just to keep up with the rest of the kit. I like the way it...