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  1. Skins_in_the_game

    Would you buy a bass drum that is 1/4 inch out of round?

    Have a chance to pick up a 24" 70s pointy BO badge Black Cortex ludwig locally. I measured it and it is about a quater of an inch out of round at its worst spot. It will need new heads so wondering if that much will make getting heads on and tuning difficult? Need to know asap. Thanks.
  2. Skins_in_the_game

    SOLD K med thin dark 16" crash shipped 155

    In very good shape, no flea bites or keyhole or cracks. My first tryout of the dark line, I got it couple months ago here from forum member to see if i would like the dark style of cymbals but I think I prefer the more brighter style. Was a good experiment but will not use it. If you have other...
  3. Skins_in_the_game

    SOLD 60s Paiste formula 602 ride 24 inch

    No cracks or dings, very small bit of keyhole, see pic. A Super small flea bite that you have to use your fingernail to find which is pretty amazing considering the age and size of this cymbal. See pic. Weight is 3409. price 320 plus shipping. USA lower 48. I will be straight up about...
  4. Skins_in_the_game

    Can you tell the year of this 602 from this stamp

    I just bought this 24 in an auction. I am not sure what year it is or its weight but it was pretty cheap so I figured why not. I hope it was a good find and not a bad way to start the new year. Does it look similar to any that you may have? Looks pretty heavy but not sure till it gets shipped...
  5. Skins_in_the_game

    18 Avedis medium thin crash wtb

    An 18 if anyone has a extra one lying around that they are not using, i could use one of those for standard rock. You would think these are easy to find, but I would rather get one from someone here who I could trust, something in the 1350 g range
  6. Skins_in_the_game

    No sticks required

    Reduces the size of your kit to one laptop sized device, but the guy needs to program in some ghost notes and other sounds with dynamics and maybe a few different cymbals. Probably could capture a lot of drum sounds with all the play options he has. start at 2:00 to skip boring voice samples.
  7. Skins_in_the_game

    Who outbid me on this 20's black beauty

    Thought I had it but someone wanted it more. Was still a steal at 900.
  8. Skins_in_the_game

    SOLD WFL 17 mahogany bass drum

    Ok It will take a lot more than a drum to sound like Carter, but if you like the sound of his Bass that he uses in several of his jazz videos, I have one just like it for sale. It is a WFL Mahogany tennor drum 17X12 converted to a bass. Reasons why this drum is pretty special. 1. This drum was...
  9. Skins_in_the_game

    WTB Paiste signature full crashs in 16-19 sizes

    Have heard great things about these and the videos I have seen make them sound so good that I really want to get some. If you have some to sell, let me know.
  10. Skins_in_the_game

    SOLD. Early 70s Rogers cymbal stands in very good shape.

    Light weight, work great, not sticky to open or collapse. Amazingly the rubber feet are in perfect shape. Has swivo tension screw for both. One has all original parts, the other has two Rogers and one ludwig butterfly type tension knobs. $75 each plus shipping.
  11. Skins_in_the_game

    500 dollars and 500 miles got me this...

    Rogers script set. Found the set on CL and even though it ment 8 hours in the car, with things like they are, any time out of the house was a breath of fresh air. From the serial numbers, looks to be a 74 Fullerton kit. Put together in a 13,14,16,24 config with Super Ten snare. All drums...
  12. Skins_in_the_game

    SOLD: 72 Rogers Super Ten, $265 SHIPPED

    Third owner of a great drum in excellent condition. serial no. 1360 Why is it great? First, it is the easiest drum I have had to tune. You don't "Tune" the bottom, just turn each rod to around the same feel of tension and thats it. No tapping around to see if they all sound the same. With...
  13. Skins_in_the_game

    Would you sell a kit with the metal snare it came with or sell the snare separately?

    Would having a snare included add as much value to a set as what the snare could bring on its own? Have a 72 Rogers Powertone set that all have the same store stickers on them. It was purchased with a Super Ten snare. I already have a dynasonic that I really like and even thought the Super Ten...
  14. Skins_in_the_game

    The Wait is over and happy with the results

    11 months! That is how much time went by from when I purchased these in a auction of a incomplete picture to when I was finally able to get them delivered. Now that I have them, I feel I did well. The set is a fully complete 64 Gene Krupa Deluxe No,1N set including all original heads, snare...
  15. Skins_in_the_game

    Heavy, sensitive but likes to play loud. Apollo Megatone pre Tama King Beat

    Weighing in a 11.5 lbs. This one piece steel shell weighs more completely stripped of all lugs,hoops, and hardware than my complete COB Dyna-sonic. It is a joy to play. Not so ringing as a Supra. Has a warmer tone. Not as dry as the dyna. but the difference between ghost notes and a back beat...
  16. Skins_in_the_game

    WTB adjustment knob for King beat snare strainer

    I have a Star parallel strainer on this drum I just received and it has all parts except only one of these knobs. Should be one for both ends. If anyone has one, I would love to purchase it. They were found on Tama king beat snares and some other MIJ that were part of the Star dynasty of drum...
  17. Skins_in_the_game

    Top Hat and Cane set Sold and delivered this last weekend

    Donn B in Seattle ended up buying the set that I was selling for some relatives. He now gets to enjoy playing them while still keeping them for sale on his site. My relatives got money in hand. I got a good middle man compensation from the family. Was a WIN, WIN, WIN situation. I even drove...
  18. Skins_in_the_game

    SOLD 1964 Supra with brass rims

    5X14 all original except heads and snares. Badge 86571. With red bb muffler before they went to the white ones. Yes the rims are brass but the shell is not. Brass shells ended in 63. Has new ambassador snare side and puretone snares! $265 plus shipping. Not over priced just don't play it...
  19. Skins_in_the_game

    WTB darker color glass glitter wrap for 18 hoop inlays

    Need any darker glitter, Black, Grey or Pewter. Have 17" hoops that need inlay, so if you have old 20,22,24 scraps, I will buy them. only need 1/2 inch width. Thanks
  20. Skins_in_the_game

    what happens to your collection when you don't plan an exit stratergy

    Saw this auction in OK near Tulsa. Heres the note about the estate. This sale is for the estate of Ron as well as his parents Horace and Martha, who were lifetime residents of Muskogee. Music was Ron’s life and he loved all genres. He was instantly loved by all who met him. He was a founding...