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    interesting....Resonance Records

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    Rogers Geeks...

    your ship has arrived... here-> Dynomatic..
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    That's What Friends are for...

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    "Mark Threads Read"

    @mods: that still a feature? Think it used to be..How do you do it if it is possible.
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    Property From The Gretsch Family Archives auction Julien’s Auctions, the world record-breaking auction house to the stars, is proud to present Property From The Gretsch Family Archives Benefiting...
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    boom (Gretsch Heritage

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    Who said a 1948 Brownie camera can't make pictures

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    OT: Speaking of Cars ....

    Cars (Or trucks) (or anything with four wheels allowed on the road)
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    Diamond by Craviotto ~ New for 2021 Product Video with Sam Bacco

    courtesy of a post from swissmaceo discuss
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    "Speaking of Mods"

    How about banning use of the word "Worst" in thread titles? Take a Look:[title_only]=1&o=date Who want's to discuss " the worst" of anything?
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    Device you use Mostly for DFO

    Device You Use Mostly to Communicate on DFO with... What's your in general mode of Computering Anyway another Poll Device you use most for when on DFO I've made it possible to chose more than one answer Let's see how this goes..
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    Age range Demographic of the board DFO

    sampling age range of members it's Private should be
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    8 with ) does not mean Smiley Face!

    They can put a man on the moon. In the early Fifties Cars Could fly.. Can you delete/get rid of the smiley face every time an 8 is followed by ) We can't say "New stamps (from 1967 to 1978) without looking like a Clown ( I heard that) wonder. Can it be fixed Yours sincerely' 1920-1968)...
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    Some Great Perc Items in Japan.

    Yes Indeedy-do. Some real Gems. From Dr_Nine. Here's the deal (it seems to me) This seller has over the past I dunno 10-15 years bought ever cool hip rare unique offbeat Good and Swell item...On US eBay and had it all shipped back to Japan. Guess what. Now he wants to sell it back to you...
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    new GRETSCH HISTORY video

    ..just landed, might include banjos? ( possible spoon and washboard??) 1.25 hr! long.. Thanks to DrummerJustLikeDad for tip..
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    Hal Blaine Interviews recent..

    Recently posted Sept. 2020 by Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum ----> and pt 2
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    Elvin Jones on "India" Live At the VV

    (just going to let this fly) ``````````````````````````` Did you hear? I have a Thin Ride 20 Traditional. B. 1950 but on reweigh (by prev. owner) "1934"g. Ok. Coltrane/Elvin used- I've heard it before- a "Half-Note Triplet" groove. Now you know that's a wide-phrase, 3 half notes over...
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    Do we need the Donation banners

    next to usernames do without or get used to it