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  1. Beefsurgeon

    Tama Superstar 8x12 in Super Maple

    Looking to add on to my '82 Superstar kit...
  2. Beefsurgeon

    Remembering the late great Earl Palmer

    I have a calendar reminder setup for Earl Palmer's birthday. Every year I see it and kind of laugh at myself--like what prompted me to put that in there? My wife gently teases me about it (Is that really the most important birthday you need to remember?) Then I listen to this track, am...
  3. Beefsurgeon

    Stripped the powder coating on my Alloy Classic

    This drum has been around the block a few times, and the black powder coating on the hoops was flaking in a few spots. I decided I was ready for a new look, so I stripped the hoops and the lugs. Pretty happy with the result!
  4. Beefsurgeon

    WTB: Paiste Twenty Custom Full Ride 20" *Found One*

    Looking for a great deal on one of these! Open to trades as well.
  5. Beefsurgeon

    WTB: Cast brass/bronze snare GOT ONE

    Got the itch when I missed out on the cast bronze snares from the Sakae closeout. Not looking to spend thousands on a rare/collectible drum.
  6. Beefsurgeon

    RIP Bill Zickos, inventor of acrylic drums

    Bill Zickos has died at the age of 90. He was a true innovator! As someone who loves acrylic drums, I am deeply grateful for his contribution to our instrument. RIP Bill!
  7. Beefsurgeon

    Tama Starphonic Aluminum *SOLD*

    6x14 Tama Starphonic Aluminum snare. Beautiful open sound with a crazy wide tuning range. From brushes to blast beats, microphones love this drum! Features: 1.2mm thick seamless Aluminum shell Quick release lugs Detachable butt plate $380 shipped to lower 48.