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  1. Tylerfrey

    Help with vintage Gretsch drums

    Hey All, My knowledge on vintage Gretsch sets is limited so I am hoping some experts can help me get a little bit more info about a kit I just bought. It was listed as a "Progressive Jazz Kit" but is from the SS badge era. Everything seems to be original and the only modifications I have found...
  2. Tylerfrey

    Snare Stand/Tom Tuning Issue

    Hey All, I picked up at C&C player date kit recently and have been using a snare stand to mount the 13" tom but I keep running into crazy tuning issues when its on the stand. Ive tried tuning once its mounted as well and every time the stand shifts a little it seems to go out again. Based on a...
  3. Tylerfrey

    Paiste Cymbals

    I’m looking for a set of 15 inch Paiste 2002 or Giant beat Hats. On the 2002s mostly interested in the sound edge sets. I’m also looking for a 2002 or giant beat 16” and 18” crashes im open to other interesting things as well so just send a PM
  4. Tylerfrey

    WTB - 3pc C&C kit

    Hi, new to the forum and am looking to pick up a C&C kit. Ideally 22, 13, 16 but I’m open. I’m located in Austin TX and am up for driving if it makes more sense than shipping.