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  1. BrianOwens

    Tielman Brothers Rock-A-Billy or just pure R'nRoll

    This is so cool from 1959. Excellent showmanship and a cookin' drum solo.
  2. BrianOwens

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  3. BrianOwens

    Vintage Gretsch and the Great Louie Bellson back in 1957

    I had to share this video of the Great Louie Bellson playing his Great Gretsch kit! It's a fine display of his craftmanship behind the kit: &list=RDLQFErLDWV78&index=27
  4. BrianOwens

    Gretsch vintage RB Tangerine Bass drum ALERT citrus goodness

    This is not mine but found it by accident tonight on the bay!
  5. BrianOwens

    oooh Ludwig weather master kit Don't be fooled by imitations HA HA!
  6. BrianOwens

    FAKE Vistalite auction WARNING:

    Don't let the low price fool you! That drum does not have a Ludwig factory edge. The badge grommet and die-cast hoops are not original either. This drum is a copy probably of Vistalite. Probably an RCI shell and is not an...
  7. BrianOwens

    USA Rogers 5 ply "R" kit in red lacquer not wrapped... what year?

    I just acquired a 5 piece USA Rogers "R" kit finished in red wine lacquer. The finish up close is crackled on BD and FT not on the toms. Sizes: 24", 12", 13" 16" and 14" x 5" chrome Dyna in like new condition. There are no tags inside any of the all natural shells. They all appear to be 5 ply...
  8. BrianOwens

    Wonder if the band is any good? CL... looking for drummer? really?

    There's a really nice car in this ad... wonder if the band is any good? LOL!
  9. BrianOwens

    Yellow Tiger drums recently acquired any timeline history is welcome

    I have not had any reason for at least 30+ years to own a stencil MIJ kit but I recently acquired a MIJ kit matching the snare pictured below. It was so good looking and so reasonable that I could not pass it by. I have the rest of the kit in the rehearsal room and not at my residence. The kit...
  10. BrianOwens

    Vintage Luddy Bonham on CL in Lexington

    This is not my drum but it seems to be a descent looking drum that will clean up.
  11. BrianOwens

    Interesting drum that is automated... just a bit too pricey! At 24 notes that is almost $500.00 per note! Check out the videos the tempo seems to be in need of calibration too.
  12. BrianOwens

    OT Jimmy Kimmel vs. Leno and Letterman

    Tonight is the first show at the 11:30PM eastern time for Jimmy Kimmel.
  13. BrianOwens

    Tama Imperialstar 18" x 14" Virgin Bass 1970's

    Hard to believe... is it really one of a kind? I really don't know if it is an excellent fake or legitimate?
  14. BrianOwens

    Is this anyone's kit here on DFO?

    Is this anyone's kit here? The price seems fair but it should have angled folding style bracket spurs. It appears to be a nice kit. http://chicago.craig...3514437527.html
  15. BrianOwens

    Former Ludwig endorser kit? Based on a vague story with no documentation

    This seller is basing the BIN price on just a story told by his friend. Would you buy it just for the signature sticks, natural interiors and a story?
  16. BrianOwens

    So far I have not heard anyone who has played Led Boots better than Narada

    Which *drummer sounded best w/ Jeff Beck? *There are more drummers since JB has had such a long career but was thinking of the short list! Narada: Cozy: Vinnie: Carmine Appice...
  17. BrianOwens

    Don Kenner (drum builder) from the "Bluegrass State" Kentucky

    Not sure if anyone has ever seen or played a Kenner snare drum? I saw this on Cincinnati CL.
  18. BrianOwens

    Ear Candy "Selling England By the Pound"

    Some ear inspiring "Progressive Rock" by the classic line up of Genesis. A marvelous work by the masters (Collins, Gabriel, Hackett, Banks & Rutherford) and one of the finest recordings from 1973.
  19. BrianOwens

    PayPal policy-Anyone here know of any repercussions?

    Does anyone here know why it may not be good to OPT OUT? Here is the PP Policy update: PayPal recently posted a new Policy Update which includes changes to the PayPal User Agreement. The update to the User Agreement is effective November 1, 2012 and contains several changes, including...
  20. BrianOwens

    Anyone own one of these yet? I like the finish!

    This snare drum looks great! Does anyone here own it?