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  1. RyanLovesDrums

    Advice for a Drummer with an Injured Arm

    So I’ve had a bad right arm for almost 20 years now. I hurt it by lifting weights and drumming too much. I probably need surgery but I don’t want to do it. My question is, is there any way to tune your drums so they are extra sensitive and don’t require a lot of arm effort so I maybe won’t...
  2. RyanLovesDrums

    Vintage Ludwig Twin Channel Die-Cast Hoops

    I read a little while ago that one of Manu Katche’s secrets back in the day was to throw a Ludwig twin channel die cast hoop on his snare batter. I checked them out on eBay and they were super pricey but months later one came up that was more affordable so I got it. I put it on my old Pearl COB...
  3. RyanLovesDrums

    Anyone have experience with getting a toy snare drum to sound good?

    My brother has a Ludwig kid’s drumset that needs a little fixing up for me and his kids to use. I have the snare drum right now and put some new Evans heads and Puresound 20 strand wires on it. The size of the drum is 5x12. The strainer-throwoff is pretty crappy but it still works for the most...
  4. RyanLovesDrums

    Question about my Rogers swivomatic hi hat stand...

    I have a 60’s swivomatic hihat stand similar to the one in the pic below. I love it but it’s just not the smoothest. The problem revolves around pressing down on the footboard. My newer hihat stands are much smoother. The spring also seems weak on the swivomatic. Is there any way to fix this or...
  5. RyanLovesDrums

    Drum Rugs

    I’ve always been a fan of Persian/oriental rugs and how they look on stage and have had bad luck with those rugs intentionally made for drummers. Found this site called and found a cool rug for only $50 total. Was delivered in a few days. They have tons of rugs of all different sizes...
  6. RyanLovesDrums

    What’s a good double tom stand?

    I wanted to get a double tom stand for my gretsch USA 10” and 12” toms with Rims mounts. Some guy locally has a used DW 9000 series one for $60 (pictured) and I was also looking at a new Gretsch one on Reverb for $100 (pictured). Do you guys think I should get one of these or do you have a...
  7. RyanLovesDrums

    Snare Buzzing with Grosgrain Ribbon...

    I’ve tried the grosgrain ribbon thing on my metal snare and my DW wood snare and it doesn’t seem like the snare wires are making good contact with the head. Not to mention I think I think it’s slipping too. It stinks because I got a neat ribbon design but if it’s buzzing and slipping I might not...
  8. RyanLovesDrums

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

  9. RyanLovesDrums

    I’ll Remember by Madonna

    Always liked the groove and electronic aspect of this song.
  10. RyanLovesDrums

    So Evans Emad 22” bass heads are on sale right now...

    They’re $12 off right now everywhere. I was thinking about getting one anyway. I’ve only tried the clear and coated Is there any other good one?
  11. RyanLovesDrums

    Help with snare wires, please

    So I recently started using grosgrain ribbon on my snares as it was suggested by a lot of you guys but something’s not working right-especially on my DW wood snare right now. It could also be because I put these new Canopus wires on there hoping to get a better tone out of the drum. They’re 16...
  12. RyanLovesDrums

    For all you Vinnie fans out there…

    This just popped up in my YouTube feed. Pretty neat.
  13. RyanLovesDrums

    Why do drumstick companies paint sticks?

    I started using the Vic Firth JoJo Mayer stick last year and I really like it but I don’t like that the stick is painted white. I like the feel of natural wood in my hands. It also sounds and feels weird playing the rim of the snare too. The only reason why I can see that the paint is a good...
  14. RyanLovesDrums

    Best Snare Side Head for 6.5x14 DW Wood Snare?

  15. RyanLovesDrums

    Came across another great drummer playing really nice sounding Gretsch drums

    Never heard of this guy before. He’s from Sweden. Apparently he played with Zappa. The first vid are gretsch USA’s from the 70’s and second vid are moderns.
  16. RyanLovesDrums

    You Gretsch USA Owners Have Good Advice

    I finally got coated ambassadors to put on the tops and bottoms of the toms of my USA Custom and they sound great. Lots of sensitivity and tone out of this combination. Check out the vids.
  17. RyanLovesDrums

    I made this video on Christmas Eve…

    Made this for my Facebook friends. I didn’t really know this song but it turned out pretty good. And my Gretsch 16x16 floor tom made a good kick!
  18. RyanLovesDrums

    Got My Mini USA Custom Set Soundin’ Pretty Good...

    I got that Dunnett kit to turn my 16” floor tom into a kick. I struggled for a while to get a punchy sound out of it without using muffling so I finally got an Emad. Was a good move. G2’s on the toms. Coated ambassador on the snare. By the way, I’m playing facing a wall and it’s nighttime so I...