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  1. Beefsurgeon

    Looking for some advice on choosing an 8x14 snare

    My favorite 8x14 snare is the Ludwig Keystone X. I got one from GC a few years back (it was a GC exclusive and had a regular keystone badge--weird). It's just a really nice blend of oomph and articulation. Available in red for $299 at the Ludwig Reverb outlet...
  2. Beefsurgeon

    Working Past Gear Acquisition Syndrome

    Like others, I go through phases where I either buy a lot of gear or buy almost nothing. I've found that I tend to get excited for gear when I start working on new projects (ah, if I only had x, then it would really sound good). The challenge then is to avoid letting new/potential gear become a...
  3. Beefsurgeon

    Has anyone owned a set of peace drums?

  4. Beefsurgeon

    Has anyone owned a set of peace drums?

    Never owned one, but I used to play gigs at a club that had one as the backline kit. It was much better than I expected--sounded good, tuned up easily, and seemed to hold up pretty well over time. It definitely wasn't a "cool" kit, but it certainly got the job done.
  5. Beefsurgeon

    Ludwig classic oak

    I have an 8x14 snare made with the Classic Oak shell (it was a GC exclusive from before Classic Oak launched). It's awesome--warm and crisp at the same time. The overtones are very "sweet" sounding. If I was in the market for a new kit, Classic Oak would definitely be on my list.
  6. Beefsurgeon

    Another mysteriuos green stain Sonor

    Interesting. I used to share a rehearsal space with someone who had a 90's Sonic Plus kit in a very similar finish. Obviously a different era, but perhaps Sonor reused it across different lines? You can see an example here.
  7. Beefsurgeon

    Milford Graves has passed away.

    He was a fascinating guy. There was a documentary made about him a couple years ago:
  8. Beefsurgeon

    Milford Graves has passed away.

    A true original. It is deeply sad to see him go. What a legacy of inspiration he leaves behind though--a real gift to humankind in my opinion.
  9. Beefsurgeon

    Brady Drumkits fiberglass circa 1981

    This sounds like a really cool kit, and I'm sure we'd all love to see it. Please post pictures if possible!
  10. Beefsurgeon

    What Are You Listening To?

    Saturday/Sunday mornings are for listening to jazz while cooking breakfast. Kicks the weekend off in a nice mood. Chris Icasiano - Provinces has been getting a lot of spins lately. It's textural, atmospheric, and most all it's a solo drumming record that my wife actually wants to listen to!
  11. Beefsurgeon

    Favorite Drum Stick?

    LaBackbeat 5A and 5B.
  12. Beefsurgeon

    OT: Computer help needed

    I believe Chrome runs every browser tab as a separate process, so if you've got a bunch of tabs open that could be the issue. Ifirc, it's implemented this way as a security/anti-hacking measure. There could also be issues with certain browser extensions--you might try disabling some in Chrome...
  13. Beefsurgeon

    Opinions on this new tama finish

    I think I like it, but it's definitely on the edge. I find it hard to judge this style of finish without seeing it in person...Does it have cool variation and depth? Or is it let down by an uncanny synthetic aspect?
  14. Beefsurgeon

    Looking to refinish Tama Starclassic B/B bass drum

    Stripping a sparkle lacquer is going to be quite a job--they tend to be on the thicker side. If you're going to stain it, then you've got to get it 100% down to bare wood. No matter what kind of stripping agent you use, there will be a fair amount of sanding involved to get past the sealer in...
  15. Beefsurgeon

    Acoustic foam - any good experiences

    I agree with others that foam won't cut it. It'll tame the cymbals and snare brightness, but it won't absorb low frequencies too well. It may leave the toms and kick sounding quite tubby. Rockwool panels and bass traps will even things out better. GIK stuff is great. It's not the cheapest (and...
  16. Beefsurgeon

    Tim Alexander has a YouTube channel, and nobody is watching it

    Cool, gonna check this out! I took a few lessons w/Tim many years ago. Great guy!
  17. Beefsurgeon

    Kind of OT but streaming services. Which do you use how and why.

    Like others, I used Google Play Music largely because it let you upload your own tracks. The switchover to YouTube Music has been...okay. The interface is not great, but it's a fairly new service which will hopefully improve. I also love Bandcamp, both as a consumer and a musician. It's a...
  18. Beefsurgeon

    Best build quality vintage kits

    A big part of it is the artists who played them and the resulting classic albums they were used on. Imagine if Ringo & Bonham had played Rogers.
  19. Beefsurgeon

    Tama Superstar 8x12 in Super Maple

    Looking to add on to my '82 Superstar kit...
  20. Beefsurgeon

    Emad 16” for floor tom?

    I tried it on a recording a few months ago. Mic'ed with a D112 and didn't love result, but I may try again someday with different tuning/mic. The biggest problem for me was bleed from the cymbals in the same frequency range as the clickiness from the head.