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  1. Roch

    Has Covid wiped out a lot of cover bands?

    KO's thread made me wonder if a lot of cover bands won't bother getting back together once things start to recover? Between venues going under and the others not booking, and a lot of bands basically breaking up over the last year, has the herd been seriously culled? Maybe now is the time to get...
  2. Roch

    Greasy Grooves

    What are some of your favorite grooves? Were they inspirational? Did you strive to learn them? Have you learned to play them?
  3. Roch

    Drum Tuner Suggestions/Reviews...

    I want to try a tuner. We’ve been recording a lot more with the pandemic and all, so looking to see if something like this will help me dial in my sound a bit better. What are your experiences and suggestions?
  4. Roch

    How do you practice book exercises?

    When you are using a book, or books, is there are pattern or common procedure you use? Do you play one exercise/line or a few measures over and over, or do you do a group of them on a page? Do you play them a certain amount of times or do you time yourself by the minute, for example. Do you...
  5. Roch

    Making a home made video..any tips?

    We're putting a video together of an original we just got recorded..we have a bunch of ideas, and one, which we will be doing next week, is to set up as a band in an old hall, and lip sync to a recording while we have a guy recording video from many different angles. We are going to edit it...
  6. Roch

    Ringo kit up for sale

    This kit is going up on his website today. Says it’s a 9 out of 10. Just a heads up..
  7. Roch

    I’ll just leave this here

  8. Roch

    A Pandemic Project Video....

    Here is a video we did last week..Our guitar player, who is the singer in this video, rewrote the words, recorded himself on an acoustic to a click, and sent his file to me ..I tried my best to keep things steady, as we didn't really talk about arrangement so I played straight through..I...
  9. Roch

    Recording an outdoor video today

    Going to attempt a video of a couple of songs with the guitar player from the band..he has a huge deck and is pretty well versed in audio/video techniques..he will have things all set up, a few mics for the ambient sound, his laptop..I will show up with a minimal kit, walk around the house into...
  10. Roch

    Becoming a Jazz Drummer at 57

    I’ve started to try and learn jazz drumming. I’ve been a Classic Rock weekend warrior most of my life. I can read a bit and have Played around with a few classic books over time. Stick Control, Master Studies, john Riley Bop Drumming to name a few. I don’t have time for lessons so this is a...
  11. Roch

    Do Your Drumming Interests Come And Go?

    Over the years I seem to have a habit of being hot and cold with my drumming interests...since my first kit back when I was 10, I have had times where it was all about drumming, tons of gigs, rehearsals, etc, only to have it wane to periods of inactivity...I went for most of my 20's not playing...
  12. Roch

    Making a stand for roto toms..

    I was given an old set of roto toms a while back and had a credit at my local shop so I got new heads..they have no stand..I was thinking of modifying a cymbal stand, as I have a few old ones laying around..anybody out there have any ideas how I can fix these to a cymbal stand? they only have...
  13. Roch

    Anybody like the Amen Break? Here's a fun little video I found

    Found this on's a fun little set of grooves. Good for warming up, or just linking together for some cool combinations..
  14. Roch

    How old is this head?

    received a snare drum with this head. I have never seen this logo before. What time frame was it used in?
  15. Roch

    Slingerland Guys..can you date this for me?

    This is for sale locally..might grab it..good shape..Here's a pic of the badge..
  16. Roch

    Snare Stand Haul

    A customer of mine at the deli does dump runs on weekends with his trailer and he offered me some "drum stuff" that he got a while ago and has had laying around. I said sure and this is what he dropped off..7 old snare stands..they could use a good cleaning and rust removal treatment but they...
  17. Roch

    Drum Set Sculpture

    We display art work for some local artists in our deli. We manage to sell some of it for the artists once and a while. This one particular guy who makes stuff out of salvaged steel made me this drum set to thank me. Pretty cool little keep sake..below is some of the work he does.
  18. Roch

    Trying to fix a Big R high hat stand

    I’m trying to get this to work so I don’t have to send it to the grave yard.... have never used it. The foot board will go down but not up. I filled it full of grease, as much as I could reach without taking it apart. I can pull up and down on the rod but it is sticking like a bugger. What’s...
  19. Roch

    Slingerland Aluminum

    Just picked this up. 60’s anodized aluminum student drum, so I’m told. Looking forward to hearing it. Anybody played one before?
  20. Roch

    Halloween gigs this weekend. What will you be wearing?

    I’m still not sure. Maybe shorts and a t shirt. Go as an indifferent musician...