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  1. SaranacJack

    Bill Kreutzmann Snare?

    The Noble and Cooley Horizon kit he’s currently using is fantastic! I’ve never seen this snare listed anywhere (I’ve seen a Longo Purpleheart, N&C SS maple, even a Kep at one point) - but this one has very unique looking lugs on what appears to be a piccolo metal snare. Any thoughts on what...
  2. SaranacJack

    Longo Cherry Snare

    I’ve been on the hunt for a while - looking for a Longo Cherry 5-6” depth x 14” diameter. I know @Markkuliini isn’t going to part with his :) Anyone else have one they’re ready to move along? Thanks!
  3. SaranacJack

    Slingerland Radio King Dating - So Close (what's it worth?)

    I think I've narrowed down this drum to the early 40s, but I'm a life-long vintage Rogers player so I would love the Slingerland experts to jump in and lend their knowledge - I believe the badge tells me 1937-1943 ( which would give me...
  4. SaranacJack

    Gretsch Brooklyn Royal Blue Oyster kit

    I missed the boat on these a few years back - maybe there’s a kit out there that’s ready to move on to a new home: Gretsch Royal Blue Oyster 18/12/14 or 20/12/14. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  5. SaranacJack

    22” Meinl Byzance Big Apple Dark Ride

    Who has one lying around and wants to earn some extra holiday spending $? The ones on Reverb are all around the price of a new one... looking for a deal on DFO to save us all the fees! Thanks for looking and for any leads!
  6. SaranacJack

    Rogers B&B Drum Battle @ Steve Maxwell's Video

    Just posted a few min ago - cool vintage Rogers drum battle over at Steve Maxwell's Drums:
  7. SaranacJack

    Who made the solid shell for the Gretsch Stanton Moore snare?

    4.5 x 14” solid Birdseye Maple shell, classic Gretsch 30 degree edges, but with re-rings. Sounds like a phenomenal drum! (Though I believe they’re no longer in production). Just curious, does anyone know if Gretsch made the solid shell, or if they were supplied by a different manufacturer?
  8. SaranacJack

    WTB Slingerland Artist Solid Shell Snare in blue agate

    I’ve been amazed at what comes up in this great forum... so, here’s a shot in the dark. Does anyone have a Slingerland Artist Solid Shell Snare in blue agate sitting on their shelf collecting dust that they’d like to move on down the road? Thanks for looking and any potential leads!
  9. SaranacJack

    Rogers 16” Tower Floor Tom?

    I love my Rogers Tower 12/14/20, but I’ve been thinking of adding on a 16” floor tom as well. Did Rogers ever make a Tower (center lug) 16” floor tom? I’ve never seen one, but that doesn’t mean much... I’d never seen a 16” (deep) x 14” (diameter) Rogers floor tom until this year either - and...
  10. SaranacJack

    Meinl Byzance 20” Extra Dry Thin Crash & 18” Vintage Crash

    Hi All - looking forward to see if anyone has either (or both) of these crashes in their cymbal bag / propped up against a wall gathering dust that they’d be open to sell: Meinl Byzance 20” Extra Dry Thin Crash Meinl Byzance 18” Vintage Crash (not the Benny Greb Sand model)
  11. SaranacJack

    WTB - 10x14” Rogers Blue Onyx Rack Tom

    Looking to complete my Rogers rock kit. It’s already a Blue Onyx orphan kit of Cleveland / Dayton / Fullerton era drums (13/16/18/24), so any era rack tom would be wonderful. Pic below for reference:
  12. SaranacJack

    Gretsch Round Badge Bass Hoop Cracked

    I just received a near pristine Gretsch Round Badge Aqua Satin Flame kit... but the bass hoop arrived cracked. Too good to be true - nearly no checking or spider webs in all the wrap, a one owner kit that shines like its new Has anyone had any luck removing a vintage satin flame inlay and...
  13. SaranacJack

    FOUND - Zildjian K Custom Dry Complex Ride (aka the Bill Stewart Ride)

    One day I'll be able to hit a cymbal like Bill Stewart, but what better way to practice than on the ride he inspired / helped design. Interested in the 20" and/or 22" (ideally I'll eventually find both with enough time and patience). I have 2018 Zildjian K Constantinople crashes (17" and 18")...
  14. SaranacJack

    Kerope vs Agop

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Charlie Hunter featuring Carter McLean on the tubs and his Agops (it seems he has quite an assortment) sound fantastic! A while back he featured a set of Keropes and they sounded fantastic! But a few years later he then released another video of his Istanbul...
  15. SaranacJack

    Rogers Snares (including a 6.5" COB Dynasonic) for 22" Kerope or 6 x 14” Noble and Cooley Copper Snare

    Building up funds, but also interested in trading. Looking a 6 x 14” Noble and Cooley Copper Snare or 22" Kerope ride Can do a cash, cash + trade or trade with the following snares (which are sitting on my shelf not getting played nearly as much as they should): 5 x 14" Rogers Luxor, Blue...
  16. SaranacJack

    WTB or Trade - 6 x 14” Noble and Cooley Copper & 22" Kerope Ride

    Building up funds for both purchases, but for now I'll take whichever one surfaces first. Will also post in the trade section in case there's any interest there. Can do a cash, cash + trade or trade with the following snares (which are sitting on my shelf not getting played nearly as much as...
  17. SaranacJack

    PROCE DROP - WMP and Blue Onyx Rogers (Cleveland era) Luxor Snare Drums

    Made a recent purchase here on DFO, now it’s time to refill the emergency fund for future rare drum sightings! For your consideration, two different Cleveland era Luxors (6 lug, sta-lite strainer) Blue Onyx - $325 + shipping WMP - $275 + shipping Sent insured and well packed from Baltimore...
  18. SaranacJack

    SOLD - DW Collector's Series True-Sonic Snare Drum 14 x 5 Chrome Over Brass

    $375 + Shipping to the lower 48. DW Collector's Series True-Sonic Snare Drum 14 x 5 in., Chrome Hardware. For Rogers lovers this is the closest thing to a brand new COB Rogers Dynasonic that DW launched a few years back. There are some faint stick marks on the batter head and I changed the...
  19. SaranacJack

    SOLD - Late 90s 15” & 16” K Zildjian Brilliant Dark Thin Crashes & Sound File

    Both are from the late 90s, brilliant finish still shines (with fingerprints of course). Left in a cymbal bag for 15+ years untouched means it’s time to sell. 15” is 931 grams (sold) 16” is 1083 grams $300 shipped to the lower 48. Sound file - 15” is on the upper right, the 16” is in the...
  20. SaranacJack

    Found - Stanton Moore Spirit of New Orleans Titanium 4.5 x 14”

    Looking for a Stanton Moore Titanium 4.5 x 14” Spirit of New Orleans (SONO) snare.