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  1. Rich K.

    SOLD Enduro hard case with foam for 12" snare drum

    SOLD Enduro hard case with foam for a 12" diameter snare drum. Good used condition. I tried a Sonor Aq2 13" snare, but it was too tight. A 13" (x9") tom fits the diameter but not the height. Only want $35 but shipping (due to the size) will be $20-25 or more, depending on your zip code.
  2. Rich K.

    SOLD Drum dial $40 free shipping

    Drum dial. $40 includes US shipping.
  3. Rich K.

    Original Purecussion RIMS mount 12"

    13 has sold, still have the 12. Got these a long time ago, before there were any copies and imitators. Original Purecussion RIMS mounts. The small extra holes on the mounting plate are for mounting a Slingerland setomatic mount (and therefore the same pattern as any old diamond plate). There's a...
  4. Rich K.

    SOLD Lot of Slingerland spur mounts and floor tom leg mounts

    SOLD Since I'm down to just one Slingerland set that's not getting much use, I'm selling my backup stash of spur mounts and floor tom leg mounts. These are all mid '60s to '70s, pretty sure. They are in player shape or worse... selling as a lot. There's two pairs of spur mounts with backing...
  5. Rich K.

    Looking to find this part for spindle type throne

    Gibraltar and PDP have used this identical piece. Anyone have one for sale or know where to find one?
  6. Rich K.

    Wow...has this been discussed before? Slingerland complete set in Abalone??

    Is this a new listing (not mine!) or has it not been discussed Pretty amazing...
  7. Rich K.

    SOLD Slingerland Modern Jazz outfit red tiger pearl

    SOLD Super cool Slingerland Red Tiger Modern Jazz outfit. This set was a regular gigging set, but is still in very nice 8/10 condition. The sizes are 14x20" bass drum with setomatic tom mount and single setomatic arm, 8x12" tom tom and 14x14 floor tom. These drums have all original
  8. Rich K.

    DW Dog Bone clamp thingy $29 shipped

    DW Dog Bone thing. Well used, not excellent or mint condition, but works as it should and it's cheap! $29 Includes free US shipping. .
  9. Rich K.

    New sticks from Calato...finally

    Regal Sticks A nylon / plastic type stick with wooden tips. Long lasting, non breakable but with a natural sound. Available initially in 5a, 5b, 2b and 8a.
  10. Rich K.

    DW to buy Guitar Center

    Who didn't see this coming?
  11. Rich K.

    SOLD Rare early '80s Tama "Triple Mount" multi clamp

    SOLD Circa '83 Tama Triple mount. Good used condition, no issues. $39 plus shipping
  12. Rich K.

    Does Reverb no longer have phone or "chat" customer service?

    I can't seem to do either...
  13. Rich K.

    SOLD Zildjian 14" A Custom Mastersound BOTTOM only

    Sold Zildjian A Custom 14" Mastersound hi hat bottom only. Good used condition, no issues. $75 plus shipping. The top is cracked, you can have it if you want...
  14. Rich K.

    SOLD Sabian 22" HHX Phoenix Ride

    Sabian 22" HHX Phoenix Ride. Medium thin, 2455 grams. Super dry. Almost like a flat ride or thinner ride with tape on the bottom. Crashable. Very quiet, works well with low volume gigs. Very good used condition with no issues. $185 plus shipping.
  15. Rich K.

    Nutty idea with my '70s Premier set

    I have this cool '76 Premier set in the for sale section. Although I have it listed many places, it's not getting many serious inquires. Premiers just don't get the respect they should. So, my set is a 24" bass with 13, 14, 15 and 16" concert toms and an 18" double head floor tom. My crazy idea...
  16. Rich K.

    Just missed this one...

    This listing with one picture shows up on facebook marketplace in a town about an hour and change from me. I contacted them within 20 minutes of when it was listed. An hour later they say someone is coming at 4. Oh well... At 4:45 they message me and say that the guy didn't show and they're...
  17. Rich K.

    SOLD Pearl Demonator P932 double bass drum pedal

    SOLD Nice Pearl double bass drum pedal. Very clean, was barely used. Thinking $150 plus shipping.
  18. Rich K.

    SOLD Dream Bliss 17" Vintage series crash ride reduced price $100

    17" Vintage Bliss crash / ride really more of a crash, 1173 grams, weird / trashy sounding, almost flat profile, lot of fingerprints but no issues. $100 plus shipping
  19. Rich K.

    SOLD Sonor AQ2 6x13 (13x6) snare drum white pearl like new

    SOLD Sonor AQ2 6x13 or 13x6 snare drum. White pearl. Barely if ever used. Has a new Evans black hydraulic head that was only played for a few minutes. $160 plus shipping.
  20. Rich K.

    Ludwig P85 black faced faceplate only '70s/80s

    Thinking someone may want this...Ludwig 2 hole black P85 face plate. OK condition with a little pitting; not excellent or mint. $20 includes US shipping (mail).