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  1. dboomer

    SOLD -Roland Octa-Capture 8 channel interface

    This interface will allow you to use up to 8 mics (or line inputs) directly to your computer for recording vis USB. Has class A mic preamps are you can use this as a stand alone mixer by itself. In perfect working order and includes the factory power supply. $300 plus shipping or trade for ???
  2. dboomer

    Flat Ride with “stick”

    Looking for suggestions to maybe point out something I have overlooked. I’m looking for a flat ride with a bright bell like stick sound, very little wash and no after ring. If I said it should sound like a brake drum hit with a ball peen hammer that wouldn’t be too far off. Kinda like that...
  3. dboomer

    SOLD PLEASE remove

    OOPS, wrong forum
  4. dboomer

    SOLD -2Box Drumit5

  5. dboomer

    Big hihats

    What else can I possibly say?
  6. dboomer

    PSA- Nfuzd electronic drum blow out

    For those sitting around at home who can’t practice on their kit without disturbing the neighbors ... Sweetwater is blowing out a bunch of Nfuzd electronic kits. You just drop the pads directly over your acoustic drums and plug them into the brain. These kits were $1800 but now $679. Maybe not...
  7. dboomer

    Anyone doing jam over internet?

    Now that we’re all sheltering in place I have been looking at some of the jam over the internet apps. Has anyone here had any success (or failures) with these? I’m thinking Soundjack looks interesting.
  8. dboomer

    New pill for hearing loss

    Probably too good to be true ... but ...
  9. dboomer

    Cymbal mods in Bakersfield

    Does anyone have any experience with this shop?
  10. dboomer

    SOLD - DW Collectors 6pc Ruby Red Sparkle

    A great 6 piece DW collectors kit in ruby red sparkle. In terrific shape, no dings, no rust, all hardware tight and just a few very small rubs to the finish. Missing a couple of vent grommets. Includes double tom mount and floor tom legs. Dated April 20, 2000 Snare: 5x14” Toms: 7x10” (D)...
  11. dboomer

    My office tonight

    Ok, I’ve never posted one of these before but I thought this was worth it. Not (it’s hired) the kit but the office... Maida Vale studio 3 ... the BBC. I guess some guys called The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Who played here before. Recording for Mark Reily’s Show on BBC Channel 6.
  12. dboomer


    i bought a second kit as I was just gonna use the floor tom from it to add to my other Sawtooth kit, but I changed my mind. So the kit is still mostly factory boxed. I'm using one of these for gigs and pleased with how it sounds (once you add real heads) and the super quality of construction...
  13. dboomer

    WTB: Masterwork Jazz Pointer cymbal 18” or 19”

    Discontinued a few years ago but I’d love to find a thin one. Please pm me if you’ve got one sitting around. Cash or trade.
  14. dboomer

    DW Jazz Series bop kit - Okume Feather exotic

    For sale: DW Jazz Series bop kit 18,14,12,14 in exotic Okoume Feather ... absolutely gorgeous! The original owner told me this kit was the one featured in the DW Jazz Series Catalog (Alex Acuna), who knows. I added the rail mount and mounted cymbal arm and modified the factory mounted bass...
  15. dboomer

    SOLD Gretsch USA Custom Bop

    Gretsch USA Custom bop kit. 14x18 kick, 14x14, 8x12, 5.5x14. Midnight Blue Pearl wrap Looks like it was built in 2011/12. Snare was added a few years later (round badge). Id say its a 9.8 out of 10. Steve Maxwell vintage tom rail. There are some very minor marks where the claws sit on the...
  16. dboomer

    Drum listening tests- yanny/laurel

    There have been some threads lately in which people are asked to listen to drum recordings and assign the correct wood or metal snare to the recordings. There has also been a thread about the sound of a drum getting lower in pitch if you walk out some distance. Both have returned mixed results...
  17. dboomer

    SOLD! : Axis A double pedals

    I bought these to try doubles again but its just not my thing. Very light wear and everything is working exactly as it should. This is rhe A model with the variable drive adjustor. Makes a big difference over the X model. $375 shipped ConUS. Interesting trades considered.
  18. dboomer

    Please help me identify/date Gretsch kit

    Ive always wanted a Gretsch kit for thr last 50 years and today I bought one (off eBay). The kit has drop G stop sign badges which the Factory says were only used for a short time in 1981. But it doesnt seem to match up to what I see in the 1981 catalog hardware wise (consolette, floor tom leg...
  19. dboomer

    WTB: Dunnett R class conversion kit 12.7

    Looking for floor tom conversion kit, Dunnett or otherwise. Need to be compatible with DW 12.7 mounts.
  20. dboomer

    SOLD - Whitney Penguin Nesting Kit

    Looking for a lightweight, single trip load-in kit? Sizing these kits depends how you think about it. This kit has a 16 kick and 8-10-13 toms. But the actual drum shell is 2 bigger than the head size so it could be thought of as a 10-12-15-18 kit. I had actually thought of an 18 kick when I was...