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  1. Markkuliini

    Anyone changed Keplinger strainer? What's the hole distance?

    I have a Keplinger snare coming, and I would like to change it's Dunnett R4 strainer to Trick multistep. Anyone ever done similar thing and measured what the hole distance was on the Keplinger? The Dunnett strainer has adjustable screws, so it's hard to be sure if Gregg has drilled the holes to...
  2. Markkuliini

    9 Funch Cymbals comparison

    Ok, since there's no gigs anymore, them let's make demos. :icon_e_biggrin: Since there has been a significant increase of these cymbals in my possession in 2020, I wanted to record these back to back, at the same camera/mic angle and distance, and even making sure that I'm using the same stick...
  3. Markkuliini

    DIY patina, 1st try, before and after pics

    Decided to do a DIY patina treatment to one of my Funches. All of my recent ones have had "factory patina" and I've been enjoying their bit drier character. This 22" Tony Williams Tribute might benefit from slight treble cut, so i decided to try with that one. The whole process took only about...
  4. Markkuliini

    Big Funch package arrived! So of course I demoed them.

    Tuesday was a good day! Finally received my Funch order, that I made in May (more about the delay table later), and unpacked 3 beautiful custom made cymbals. And like always, I demoed them fresh on the first day. Hope you like them too! -21" Mini Bell Ride, 2095 gr. I had this sound in my head...
  5. Markkuliini

    New Funch pies arrived! 20" Spizzichino Tribute and 20" Vintage A Tribute

    I have been selling off quite a bit my Zildjians to get more of these Danish beauties. Today arrived 20" Spizzichino Tribute and 20" Vintage A Tribute, and oh boy I was not disappointed. The latter have this very buttery and sweet old A-type of sound, reminds me of Kind of Blue somehow. If that...
  6. Markkuliini

    Rogers Dynasonic 14" x 6,5" Gold Sparkle demo

    Got this drum yesterday. They have been insanely expensive on this (Europe's) side of bond (like 1100-1300$ dpending on the finish and size), but I managed to find one on sale at a drum shop close by, so I decided to do the leap. It sounds freaking fantastic! I already had a 5" deep COB version...
  7. Markkuliini

    How to get some Elvin into your playing

    Been diving into the Elvin Jones rabbit hole lately and while studying his drumming, I have been developing simple and logical ways to "Elvinize" my own playing. Here I've been taking some basic patterns from Riley's book as a starting point and then "Elvinized" them using couple of different...
  8. Markkuliini

    2 new Funch cymbals demoed: 22" Spizz Tribute and 21" Kuru

    Finally the awaited parcel from Denmark arrived, after 3 weeks of waiting and nail biting (post offices in both Denmark and Sweden are overworked at the moment). Ordered 2 rides from Funch Cymbals (22" Spizzichino Tribute and 21" Kuru ride) and oh boy, I have to say that I'm very impressed! If...
  9. Markkuliini

    Can you guess this cymbal?

    Did this video for s*its and giggles, lets see if anyone of you guys can guess what this is, just mainly from the sound. I can reveal that it's 20" and weights about 1930 grams. I can give more hints too, if no one dares to guess. And what do you think of the sound? You can be honest, I have no...
  10. Markkuliini

    Is Yoni Madar a machine or a fraud? I dug little deeper and found out interesting details.

    I just had to do this video since, I don't like folks being fooled. Feels bad to post it, but to me it's bit the similar thing that if a popular instagram-model is claiming to be all natural and their photos being not manipulated, that they better not be. Yoni claims that his playing on the...
  11. Markkuliini

    8 sticks vs 1 ride

    Holy moly! I had always known that different sticks give you different cymbal (and drum) sound. But hearing them back to back like this pretty mind blowing. I didn't expect that the contrast would be so great! I guess the ear gets used to the new sound pretty quickly when playing, so we forget...
  12. Markkuliini

    6 different ways to swing the ride

    This is a subject I have been really obsessed for a few months now: Trying to develope my right hand swing in a way that I would have some differentvariations to choose from. So I have taken inspiration from some of my favorite jazz drummers and tried to learn to play the swing pattern with...
  13. Markkuliini

    Funch hats vs Constantinople hats! Comparison video

    Ok, one more Funch video if you don't mind. My practice room mate has these Zildjian Constantinople hihats, and when originally making demo video of Funch hats a week ago, I decided to film similar beats with his Zildjians too. Funch weight approximately 900/950 grams, and Zildjians are bit...
  14. Markkuliini

    Funch 14" Old K Clone hihats

    Just got these from Denmark, and I'm really pleased how these turned out! Warm, musical and really easy to play. But still they have enough highend crunch so they don't disappear. Foot chick is also really good for hats with relatively thin bottom. And the crazy thing is that these are about 2...
  15. Markkuliini

    Funch Cymbals, 4 Rides Demoed

    Allrighty, filmed all 4 Funch rides that I got last week on my trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Hope you like them at least half as much as I, since I absolutely love them. 21" Old K Clone 22" Tony Williams Tribute 22" Luminous Ride 20" Deep Hammered
  16. Markkuliini

    Holy moly! Funch, jazz cymbals. Gregory Hutchinson visits workshop.

    I've been a Zildjian guy for 25 years, and it's not been easy for other brands to get my attention, or more so that I just have not heard anything specifically interesting from others. Until a month ago. Happened to bump into Funch cymbals in YouTube, that are handmade in Denmark. And while I'm...
  17. Markkuliini

    Ok boomer

    More than ok, actually. Great boomer. :lol:
  18. Markkuliini

    Noble & Cooley SS oak vs maple

    Well, the title sums it up. Anyone had a chance to play both NC single ply oak and maple snares, and if so, what were your impressions? I have a 3 7/8" maple that just kills, and I would have a chance to get 5" oak in mint condition for a pretty ok price. I just don't have that good chance to...
  19. Markkuliini

    Noble & Cooley SS love ("Phil Collins" snare)

    Holy moly, why didn't anyone tell me earlier how fantastic these are?! Just bought a N&C SS Classic single ply maple in 14" x 3 7/8" from a drummer who plays is Stockholm symphony orchestra (he also had 5" and 7" deep versions). Tested is briefly at his place and it was immediately clear that...
  20. Markkuliini

    Problems logging in with mobile

    It's been really difficult to log in with my mobile phone lately. Yesterday I couldn't get it at all, had to check with my laptop if something weirdweir happened to my account. But with laptop it worked normally, but with mobile site keeps returning me to logged out state immediately. Anyone...