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  1. Lee Van Kief

    WTB Dunnett Beer Tap Strainer

    Fixing up a Camco 10x14 snare that’s missing parts. Anyone got a single point strainer and butt plate for me?
  2. Lee Van Kief

    Somewhat OT: Jasper Seating Co.

    Happened to flip over a chair today and look what was under the! Not that I’ve looked that hard, but I can’t say I’ve seen another piece of Jasper furniture. Maybe I’ll take the tag to go along with my Round Badge project...or use it as a throne? Anyone else seen any Jasper furniture...
  3. Lee Van Kief

    Ludwig B/O and Apollo Badges

    Ludwig is a little beat up but serviceable. Apollo is in great shape. 30 shipped CONUS for Ludwig, 20 for Apollo. Thanks!
  4. Lee Van Kief

    SOLD 8x Radio King Repro Lugs

    8 great condition Worldmax lugs with mounting screws. $25 shipped CONUS
  5. Lee Van Kief

    **SOLD** DW 5000 Tractor Top Throne

    In good shape, though top material is a little unglued from the forward ridge as pictured. Very similar to Roc N Soc shape. 50 plus shipping to CONUS. Thanks!
  6. Lee Van Kief

    Inde BR3 Lug Replacement Spur Mounts Brass

    Lightly and briefly used (sold the drum) and in great condition. Perfect for a floor tom conversion or add to a bass drum with bad or nonexistent spurs. Adjustable from 1-2” lug mount spacing. Includes 8” ultralight aluminum spurs, which can be cut down for other sizes, but here is the size...
  7. Lee Van Kief

    New A&F Hi-Hat Stand

    Normally I’m not a fan of the way A&F’s product looks, but I have to say this thing is pretty sweet. When I saw the folding action I smacked my head “duh!” Nowhere near as expensive as I thought it would be. It’s about as much as a DW5500 and 3lbs lighter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen modern hi...
  8. Lee Van Kief

    Slingerland RK 7.5x14

    Starting another project thread here for a shell I just received. I glanced at eBay on a whim after reading about Paul Jamieson and found one of his signature snare’s pretty gnarly shape. I hit the gas and here we are. 7.5x14 Radio King single ply with what looks like the outline of...
  9. Lee Van Kief

    SOLD Gretsch Round Badge Dixieland 5.5x14 Snare

    Howdy all, Im looking to sell this 6 lug Gretsch snare. Clear interior and mahogany stain that appears to be factory. There’s some minor spots of corrosion on the hoops and some scratching on a few lugs, some splotches on the interior (including on a ply of bird’s eye maple) but overall it’s...
  10. Lee Van Kief

    SOLD 7x14 Keller Magnum 5 ply Shell

    I have a blank shell here left over from a project. Would make a great snare or mini tom! 7 1/8” deep, so would probably end up closer to 7” after truing. 5 thick plies end up at 1/4” thick shell. Ends are rough cut. Asking for $35 plus shipping. Thanks!
  11. Lee Van Kief

    New to me Round Badge Project

    I just received an exciting project today! Long ago, I had a 60’s RB kit in black diamond pearl and foolishly sold it to fund a prog-sized Keller shell kit. Since THAT kit was stolen, I’ve wanted another RB ever since, only it’s been too tough to fork up the cash. I finally found a 22/13/16...
  12. Lee Van Kief

    WTB Basket Case Camco Project Kit

    I thought it would be fun to own a Camco set and bringing things back from the dead is almost as fun as playing them. 22/16/13 in need of a refinish or rewrap preferred.
  13. Lee Van Kief

    SOLD RTOM Black Hole Mutes 12/14/16

    Awesome set of mutes that feel great and really help with volume. Very little use. I don’t need to be quiet any longer, so these are just taking up room. Comes with tension adjustment keys. $100 shipped CONUS.
  14. Lee Van Kief

    WTB Zildjian A Mastersound 14” Hats

    Looking for sub 1000g top and ~1350 bottom ideally. Let me know what you have!
  15. Lee Van Kief

    SOLD Ludwig L203 Speed King Reissue

    Like new, only played for a few hours and is in mint shape. Comes in original packaging, and beater is mint (I used a different one to test.) It’s a fantastic pedal and really improves over the last Speed King I reinforced, but the action just isn’t for me. I’m too used to standard external...
  16. Lee Van Kief

    SOLD 1965 Rogers Holiday Cleveland 20/12/14/16

    Howdy all, I'm trying to gather some funds for recording equipment, so my incredible Rogers kit is up for sale! 8x12, 14x14, 16x16, 14x20, all made in Cleveland, Ohio. Serial numbers point to 1965-1966, right before they took a slight dip in quality when CBS purchased the brand. These are the...
  17. Lee Van Kief

    For all you Rogers freaks out there

    I have some collected hardware that I don’t plan on using and would rather have some extra cash to put towards home studio stuff. All prices are pretty firm, but open for trades. Here’s the stash: Rogers Giant/Supreme snare stand, 70’s. Condition is good, with some wear and minor corrosion here...
  18. Lee Van Kief

    SOLD Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia 15” Hi Hats

    Howdy folks, Like everyone else I’ve been experimenting with different cymbals throughout the pandemic, and I’m still at it so these are on the chopping block so I can buy some mics. Nice and crisp but not overly bright. And that’s right, the top has been drilled for 6 rivets! I don’t have any...
  19. Lee Van Kief

    SOLD Sonor Perfect Balance Standard Pedal SOLD

    Well, I’ve been giving this thing a chance during the pandemic, but I just don’t click with longboard pedals. Besides that, it’s one of the silkiest pedals I’ve ever played. It’s fast, has a reasonable number of adjustments, a smooth footboard for sock pedalers like me, and has classic looks...
  20. Lee Van Kief

    Brian Blade’s hi hats

    So we all know they sound great and I’m trying to get close to that sound. I’m looking for some 60’s A Zildjian hats to compliment my thin 24. If anyone had to guess, what kind of weights does he use?