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  1. itsjjp

    Oak Sticks

    The only oak sticks I have played are NP Signature Pro-Mark and I'm not a fan. I don't like the weight, the feel or sound on my cymbals.
  2. itsjjp

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Best Best deal I've seen on a new one was on eBay from Hi-Fi Casio something or other. I've purchased a few cymbals from them and all were solid except for a 24" Zildjian S Family Medium Ride that I'd swear was a factory reject given how awful it sounded. I have completely hand hammered it...
  3. itsjjp

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I continue to be impressed by Stagg cymbals. And no I'm not a marketing plant of some sort. This latest purchase is a 20" Sensa Medium Sweet Ride that I got for just $110 delivered from Nashville Music. It was a clean demo, and I gave it my usual logo removal treatment and oil rub down...
  4. itsjjp

    Looking for a matching Allegra 16x16 tom for this kit. It's the formica wrap from the dave Peterson era.

    I used to be against wrap until I put together this mix-n-match vintage kit. 70s 13" Slingerland maple tom with factory re-rings, 80s 16" Gretsch USA floor tom, 1972 22" Rogers kick. All sound fantastic so who am I to knock wrapped drums?
  5. itsjjp

    Your BEST Cymbal?

    The Stagg 22" Classic Flat Ride shown here albeit obscured by other pies. I installed 3 Sabian nickel-silver split-rivets in a cluster similar to a Zildjian Beautiful Baby crash-ride, and I absolutely love it for what I do: mix of jazz, blues and funk.
  6. itsjjp

    Rock Songs with Great Hi-Hat Work?

    Goodness, I love pretty well all of the suggestions I've seen on one out of 5 pages. Someone mentioned disco, and I didn't see any references to Charlie Watts in the page that I read, so here's a tip on one of his that I love. If I was a Dancer from the Rarities release. The hat work is so...
  7. itsjjp

    Do you think kids practice more today because of You Tube?

    Yes, those who use it. I regularly encourage my kids and their bandmates to use it. I wish I had access to it as a kid. Great free tool that is underutilized imo.
  8. itsjjp

    Your preferred snare drum wood

    I have a 14x6 maple ply snare with rerings. I believe they're 6 plies each. Sharp bearing edges, nice snare beds, and an air vent. It's hard for me to imagine a better sounding main snare. I simply love it. People ask me about it all the time or at least they did pre-pandemic. It's that...
  9. itsjjp

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I picked up a demo Stagg 22" Classic Series Flat Ride for just $110 delivered, and was so impressed with it that I decided to make up a complete set of Stagg cymbals. I can be a little OCD, and that's not a joke. Let's talk more about the ride... It weighs 3548g and has a very nice woody...
  10. itsjjp

    Yet another Guitar Center visit thread

    I'll start by saying I'm not a fan of GC overall, but I have had great experiences at their stores. I have also had hit or miss experiences at the independent shops I've shopped at -and I've shopped at many over the years. I traveled for work for 15 years, and my family and I like to travel as...
  11. itsjjp

    Nicko McBrain | Where Eagles Dare & Drum Solo

    This thread evolved a little, good times... First the original topic. One of the best intros of all time, and my personal favorite Iron Maiden song. As for metal drummers and music not getting any love here, clearly that's not accurate. As for snobbery, that's a 2 way street: There's footage...
  12. itsjjp

    Looking for advice on developing my ears

    Assume you meant building listening skills vs. listing skills. I agree, but I'm still going to advocate folks get a decent stereo system and headphones. If anyone is curious, here's what I picked up: Rotel RB-951 Power Amplifier - This is a stereo unit that I scored used for just $150 on...
  13. itsjjp

    What percentage of the time do we need more than a 4-piece kit to play music?

    If you're a pretty good player, you can play nearly any style or venue with a small rig. Watch kick-snare-hat videos to see the possibilities of just those 3 elements.
  14. itsjjp

    What is the Best Sounding Steel Snare

    Of course, the best is a matter of opinion and it depends on what sound you want. I have had 2 standouts over the years. One was an Olympic by Premier 10-lug 14x5 that you'd swear was a brass drum. It was so sweet sounding. The other was a Tama Imperialstar 8-lug (I believe) 14x6.5. While...
  15. itsjjp

    The Mars Volta’s $479, 18-LP Box Set Sold Out in Less Than 24 Hours

    That's fantastic! Good for them!! I do know of this band, but admittedly not well. This is another example of working within the music business as it exists today. It helps that they have a nice catalog that they laid down when the business wasn't what it is today.
  16. itsjjp

    rediscovering NRBQ

    Great band! WRXT Radio in Chicago 93.1FM turned me on to NRBQ, DJ Terri Hemmert in particular as she's a big fan. Me and the Boys was the first tune I heard of theirs, great song. As many have commented, they were a terrific live band. Kinda like listening to the Grateful Dead on their...
  17. itsjjp

    Looking for advice on developing my ears

    I have a number of thoughts in no particular order: Sound Quality Matters -big-time! You can't hear what you can't hear (or isn't there). Streaming services have improved, but still leave a bit to be desired. If you don't have one, I suggest getting a true, Hi-Fi stereo system. You might say...
  18. itsjjp

    Removing cymbal logo paint?

    First, only do this on cymbals that do not have a factory clear coat. If you have a garage or good work area, I use carburetor cleaner and quickly wash in a laundry sink with dish soap and warm water. Rinse well. It often leaves a brighter area where the inks were, depending on newness and...
  19. itsjjp

    High Hat ID Help please?

    Agree these look to be of Chinese origin. The inks on Wuhan and Agazarian (Guitar Center brand) come off with relative ease. And the old world manufacturing and hand hammering tricks many people into thinking they've found vintage specimens. As was mentioned, a nice, even diameter in inches...
  20. itsjjp

    18” Depth Bass Drums. Your thoughts?

    Imo, 18" is too deep. I have a 22x16 and finally came up with a tuning that I like for it. I also have an older kit with a 22x14 that I really like. It's a '72 Rogers kick if you're curious. The Tama Superstars in my profile pic have the 22x16, and again it took me some time to get a good...