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  1. Ron_M

    Gibraltar Dunnett R-Class Rail Mount *SOLD*

    I have a lightly used Gibraltar Dunnett R-Class Rail Mount in very good condition. I believe this is a 10.5mm arm. At least that what it looks like in the pic. Sorry, I have clamp-type mounts, so don't have to pay attention to L-arm size. A very easy way to fly a tom off of a floor tom/bass...
  2. Ron_M

    Pearl Jungle Gig JG16 w/Optimount OPT1112, for Bass Conversion *No Longer for Sale*

    I have a Pearl Jungle Gig and an Optimount for (for 11-12" depth drums, diameter up to 16") for a floor tom to bass conversion. The ISS mount can be used for this, but I chose to use an Optimount, since it's much more stable. The parts are all in very good cosmetic condition. The last pic...
  3. Ron_M

    Tama 910 Speed Cobra, Single *SOLD*

    I have a Tama 910 single Speed Cobra for sale. Good condition with all accessories & case. $85 plus shipping.
  4. Ron_M

    6-piece red vistalite, 12, 13, 16, 18, 20, & snare, local Craigslist

    Not mine, but look to be in nice shape. Bottom hoops missing, and one floor tom is not pictured (?).
  5. Ron_M

    SOLD******Shell Hardware, Beavertails, Single-flanged COB hoops, Claws (bass & tom/snare)

    I know this is a bit of a long shot, but I have a kit's worth of hardware I'd like to sell as a package. This hardware was pulled from my Tempus kit: 10", 12", 14" and 16" toms, 14" snare, & a 20" bass. The lugs are all beavertail, a mix of single-ended and double ended. These lugs are very...
  6. Ron_M

    SOLD 18" Zildjian Small Stamp, now $70!

    I have an 18" Zildjian Small Stamp cymbal for sale (late 50s to early 60s). The center hole has the slightest bit of wear, and there are some flea bites on the edge (see pic for the worst of the lot). The weight is 1585g. I believe this originally had a 7/16" center hole; I used a 1/2" reamer...
  7. Ron_M

    SOLD Ludwig Acrolite, Keystone Badge

    I have a 1966 Keystone Badge Ludwig Acrolite snare drum for sale. This is s very presentable example, and was purchased from the original owner. There are a couple of notable scratches on the shell, and minimal rust and pitting on the chromed hardware, which I've done my best to capture with...
  8. Ron_M

    SOLD Gauger Alloy Pro RIMS, 10", 12" & 14", Black

    I have a set of Gauger black alloy pro RIMS for sale. These have the black half-plates installed, and both RIMS and plates are in very good condition. $100 plus shipping for the set. Selling as a complete set only.
  9. Ron_M

    20" Soultone Vintage Ride *Price Reduced*

    I have a very nice 20" Soultone Vintage ride up for sale. Weight is 2040g, so it's a versatile one. Good stick, but crashable. Very good condition. Reduced at $110 plus shipping. $110! If it doesn't go, off the the bay @130.
  10. Ron_M

    Perfect Balance Pedal *SOLD*

    I have a Perfect Balance Pedal in good condition for sale. Comes with case and functions perfectly. The felt beater face has been flattened for better batter contact (the work was done before I purchased it). First $165 shipped to the lower 48 takes it. Paypal please, gift not required.
  11. Ron_M

    What does "strainer" mean to you?

    I've noticed a few people lately using the term "strainer" in reference to the snare wires. My understanding is that this term is interchangeable with "throw-off", or just "throw", though I can't tell you which term came first (throw v.s. strainer). My preference is to refer to the snare wires...
  12. Ron_M

    Popular Song Blind Spot

    I was clicking through the video channels early this morning and came across The Flame by Cheap Trick. I remember the song, but it was off my radar so I had no idea it was by CT. Anyone else have a similar experience. Bun, are you laughing to yourself?
  13. Ron_M

    Popular Songs Blind Spot

    Oops, reposted to General.
  14. Ron_M

    18" Bass Drum ID

    I have an 18" bass drum that I'd like to ID, and was hoping someone here might have an idea or two as to what it might be. It appears to be a better quality off brand, 60s or 70s era bass drum. Whoever did the refurb on it did a good job of covering up it's identity. They've painted the...
  15. Ron_M

    15" wood hoop

    I'm looking for a 15" wood hoop for my little boy's bass drum. Currently he's using a Sonor 4xx series pedal, clamps to the sticksaver pretty good, but not the ideal set up. The only parts dealer I can find that sells a 15" is Precision, and they're ~$50 a piece. Any suggestions? BTW, the shell...
  16. Ron_M

    I love it when a plan comes together...

    I have an 16x20 virgin Tempus bass shell, quite a few years old, and decided I'd like to have it cut down to 12x20 before I build it up. I really didn't want to have to ship it, so did a search to see if there were any custom builders nearby. To my surprise, greenmountaindrums came up. I sent...
  17. Ron_M

    The Buddy Rich Story

    One of the stills in the "Buddy Rich Double Bass" video is a shot of Buddy looking a lot like Fred Armisen. Fred plays drums and is adept at impersonation. "The Buddy Rich Story" needs to happen.
  18. Ron_M

    Alternative to Ludwig P80?

    I have an old Ludwig 2-piece shell that I picked up years ago, and it's currently outfitted with a Gibraltar piccolo strainer. The problem is, the mounting brackets don't span the bead, but it works with spacers (risers). A bit clumsy, and I'm looking for a better solution. Since I'm what I like...