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  1. Alpine

    DW Performance vs Yamaha Tour Custom

    DW Performance is much better quality & sound imo.
  2. Alpine


    Sabian FRX would fit the bill
  3. Alpine

    Ludwig Neusonic 2021

    Beautiful roadworthy / durable drums. Ludwig made in the U.S Maple/Cherry is a winner IMO.
  4. Alpine

    Best build quality vintage kits

    Which one is your choice?
  5. Alpine

    Ludwig Neusonic 2021

    "expanded configurations, components, new deluxe finishes"...
  6. Alpine

    Ludwig Neusonic 2021

    A longer note is possible on a 20x14, just listen closer ;-). The original spurs were a cool design (although nonadjustable). The Elite spurs are a lot more versatile in that regard.
  7. Alpine

    Ludwig Neusonic 2021

    Depends on your playing style I suppose, whatever wrks. I like the adjustability of Elite spurs, proven to be tried & true on the higher end Ludwig kits.
  8. Alpine

    Ludwig Neusonic 2021

    The Elite spurs feel way more stable, an upgrade imo.
  9. Alpine

    Has Anyone Played a Ludwig Classic Maple With Their New Roundover Edges?

    Nice demo of the different edges:
  10. Alpine

    Ludwig Neusonic 2021

    The new Ludwig Neusonic look great! "durable deluxe finishes"
  11. Alpine

    Best build quality vintage kits

    If Ringo played a different brand of drumset on the Ed Sullivan show it probably would have been a different story.
  12. Alpine

    Best build quality vintage kits

    Vintage: Rogers (Up until early 70s). Modern: DW Classics. (Best sounding modern drums that replicate vintage). Best build quality does not = best sound. Many vintage drums that are highly sought after are not made of the best build quality (slightly out of round shells, less than perfect...
  13. Alpine

    Ludwig Classic Maple, Best Drums Ever Made?

    It will be interesting to see what DW does with Slingerland! Ludwig Classic Maple do sound great, The DW Performance series were a big surprise (in a good way). Which drum companies are making their own shells? That makes a difference imo.
  14. Alpine

    Diamond by Craviotto ~ New for 2021 Product Video with Sam Bacco

    The marketing term "All Maple shells" is a bit of a gray area in the drum industry. Who is manufacturing the actual shells? Are the Craviotto Diamond series Keller shells? North American maple?
  15. Alpine

    What does everybody think of the new Rogers

    WAY overpriced for Taiwanese drums!
  16. Alpine

    Still have the Rogers kit?

    Still have the Rogers kit?
  17. Alpine

    Rogers New Blonde

    Looking for Rogers 16x16 Floor Tom New Natural Blonde finish. Thx.
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  19. Screen Shot 2017 12 10 At 2.40.26 PM

    Screen Shot 2017 12 10 At 2.40.26 PM

  20. Alpine

    Amp for Yamaha DTX-12

    Small keyboard amp would work.