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  1. DavedrumsTX

    Grand Funk. Highly Underated!

    Growing up in the 60s and 70s, I learned to love Grand Funk. However, I never got to experience them live or see them on TV until YouTube. This video is a precious gem of how funky and tight they were as a band. Basically Sly and the Family Stone’s rock and roll cousin. They were a real band...
  2. DavedrumsTX

    Neil Peart Cowbell Tree Project Part Deux

    For part 2 of my Neil Peart Cowbell Tree project I have constructed a working mock up. The bells are not mounted properly. I have ordered a modern vintage Tama stand to mount mount them so that they are aligned properly. The question is, should I have the stand bent like Neal’s?
  3. DavedrumsTX

    Neil Peart Cowbell Tree Project Part 1

    I have many cowbells and decided to build a Tribute Neil Peart Cowbell Tree. The Black Beauty, Agogo Bells and Ludwig Cowbell are All The Worlds A Stage period correct and the Tri Bells and Rock Cowbell are more recent. Stay tuned for the finished project.
  4. DavedrumsTX

    18” Depth Bass Drums. Your thoughts?

    I’ve been looking at used DW kits on Reverb and all the kits I like consistently have one major drawback; bass drums with 18” depth. Perhaps it just me, but 18” depths are just not as tight and responsive as a 14 or 16 depth bass drums. They are also hard to get in your car. Is this the...
  5. DavedrumsTX

    Natural Science

    This is one my favorite Rush songs. I think this live version is Neal at his best.
  6. DavedrumsTX

    La Villa Strangiato

    As someone who rode the Rush train from early on(I have lost count of how many times I have seen the band), this live video (without an audience) captures the band at my favorite point in their journey. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every bit of their career. However, this was a special time...
  7. DavedrumsTX

    Oscar Peterson - No Words Necessary

  8. DavedrumsTX

    Ludwig Mahogany Cortex

    I am prepping an early 70s 3 ply Ludwig kit for rewrapping and removed the Mahogany Cortex yesterday. I have removed quite a few wraps in the past, but this was my first time to remove Mahogany Cortex. I learned a few things: 1) It’s not highly combustible like other vintage wraps. I could...
  9. DavedrumsTX

    Gem of a Bass Part

    As drummers it’s critical that we listen to and lock with the bass player. I find myself listening more to bass parts than drum parts when I am listening in the car. With that in mind, I was listening to the 70s on XM and the song “Your the One That I Want” from the Grease soundtrack came...
  10. DavedrumsTX

    Ludwig Classic Select Kit

    Ludwig just introduced its Classis Maple Vintage Select kit with Nickel hardware and a retro Glacier Blue wrap. I think it all works except for the shell construction. They are using a 7 ply maple shell which is hardly vintage. Why not a 3 ply shell with re-rings? Price point is probably the...
  11. DavedrumsTX

    Ludwig70s 18" Floor Tom

    Hello. I am looking for a 70s Olive Badge 16x18 Floor tom with Re-Rings. I don't care about the wrap or finish as I will be wrapping it to match my kit. Thank you, David
  12. DavedrumsTX

    Bosphorus 14” Stanton Moore Fat Hats

    Up for sale on Reverb are my Bosphorus Stanton Moore Fat Hats. These are the original ones prior to Crescent and Sabian. Wonderfully musical and versatile. Like old New Beats in my opinion. $260 + $30 shipping. Bosphorus 14" Stanton Moore Fat Hats 2011 Brilliant...
  13. DavedrumsTX

    Any experience with DallasDrum’s Jon Zoog?

    Hello. I am considering having Jon Zoog with DallasDrum wrap my old Ludwigs and recut the edges. He is very responsive and professional and I have read some positive older comments here. Does Anyone else have experience? Thank you
  14. DavedrumsTX

    What are you working on?

    As drummers, we’re always learning. There is always something we can work on in our playing to make us better. For me it can be playing a new groove with confidence or playing a particular difficult passage of a song. I am currently working on the drum part for John Mellencamp’s song Love and...
  15. DavedrumsTX

    Jeff Porcaro Book

    I just received an early copy of Robyn Flans book, It‘s About Time, Jeff Porcaro, The Man And His Music. It came with a hand written lesson by Jeff for Rosanna. A very nice touch. Looking forward to digging into it
  16. DavedrumsTX

    A cymbal moment

    I have played Paiste’s for a while, but recently started playing 2002s again after many years playing Signatures and Masters. I played yesterday and our FOH engineer ran up to me and asked, “Man, those are the best sounding cymbals I have heard in a long time. They were so clear in the mix!”...
  17. DavedrumsTX

    Burning off 60s Drum Wrap

    Well, I did it. I intentionally burned the wrap off a set of 60s Ludwigs I am restoring. I have been restoring old Ludwigs for years and have always painstakingly removed old wrap with a heat gun and solvent. It takes forever and I always seem to pull up a little bit of Mahogany. I’d seen...
  18. DavedrumsTX

    Carry As Little As Possible

    I don’t know about any else and I am most certain it is age, but I find myself taking less and less gear to gigs. When I first started gigging in my teens, I would bring everything but the kitchen sink I remember playing a wedding and showing up with six toms and 7 cymbals. I was so into...
  19. DavedrumsTX

    The Joy Of Listening & Beautiful Ian Paice

    Like many around the world, the COVID-19 Epidemic has had negative impacts to our world and society to numerous to list. However, one positive, personal outcome for me has been my daily 4 mile walk. During this time, I try to re-discover albums that I bought and listened to many years ago...