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  1. Paradiddle

    Ludwig 1920's COB two piece 6.5x14 - 8 lug snare SOLD

    Ludwig, 1920's COB two piece snare. 6.5x14 - 8 lug. The hard to get size with the "correct" amount of lugs. In great shape. iNde strainer. Sounds and plays amazing. Comes with a Beato Pro I case. $1000 OBO shipped in the lower 48. If you are out of the US we can discuss price and...
  2. Paradiddle

    Steven Johnson - Alabama Shakes founder and drummer facing child abuse charges

    This is not good.
  3. Paradiddle

    Medicine at Midnight - new Foo's

    It's very good. Very very good. I'm loving the new sounds and the more pop songs and the backup singers. Grohl is a genius. That is all - give it a listen. Unless you hate good music, then you can not listen.
  4. Paradiddle

    Phil Collins - No Jacket Required Tour 1985

    Watched a documentary last night on Face Value. The album still holds up IMO - some seriously great songs. So I'm listening to the 2016 remaster and they have this version of Behind the Lines on it. Holy COW - Leland and Chester are KILLING IT on this version and the band is so tight.
  5. Paradiddle

    Jim Keltner - OTR with Ross the Drum Doctor

    I just bounced into this on Youtube. I've never seen it and hadn't heard of it.
  6. Paradiddle

    Near New Rock-N-Roller R12RT all terrain

    I've used it twice. It's the one with the big solid tires. $150 cash - no shipping. Local pickup in So Cal - I can meet nearly anywhere from LA to San Diego. Let me know. Jeff
  7. Paradiddle

    Rogers 1963 Buddy Rich Headliner 1807 Outfit - Blue Onyx Pearl with Powertone

    Bought this from a Forumite a year or so ago. It's an amazing sounding kit, I just never play it and need the room for a new Sugar Percussion kit I have coming. 22, 13, 16, 5x14 Powertone. Bread and Butter lugs - the snare had a couple of cracked ones, I don't know if any other do as I didn't...
  8. Paradiddle

    MIJ - Trump Card badge 20, 14, 12, with snare

    60's Made in Japan (MIJ) set with the Trump Card logo. I've only seen one other set with this badge, and it wasn't complete. Very unique roll over hoops, center lugs. In good shape, some pitting and surface rust, finish has fade and some scratches. Normal stuff for a 60 year old set. The...
  9. Paradiddle

    Beato Pro 1 bags - 22, 16, 13

    I've got a set of Beato Pro 1 bags. 14x22, 16x16, 9x13. They have some paint overspray on them thanks to my house painter - I have not tried to clean them but they may clean up as it's house paint. No rips or tears. These bags last forever. The retail price from his website is $336 for all...
  10. Paradiddle

    USB microphones

    So the band is going to try a zoom jam. What is the "best" stereo USB mic or are they all about the same quality? Thanks, Jeff
  11. Paradiddle

    Shipping a drumset from the US to London

    So i'm trying to ship a drum set from California to London. I can't find a single provider (UPS, Fedex, DHL) that isn't $2000. The set is in three boxes, but regardless the bass drum box alone (24x24x24) is $850. Isn't there some economical way to ship overseas? Boxes are too big for USPS...
  12. Paradiddle

    Wilco - Seth Meyers

    Great performance from their new album - which I think is an excellent sounding record. Looks like Sonors. Cool that he only has a hi-hat.
  13. Paradiddle

    WTB - Camco set

    Much prefer Oaklawn. Finish not important. 22, 13, 16 or if it's a later Chanute or LA 24, 13, 16. Finish not important. Drums must be solid and sound great, but finish condition isn't the biggest priority. PM me. Jeff
  14. Paradiddle

    Favorite 14x20 head combo?

    I've been using my "go to" setup but I can't get my 20" bass drum to sound decent. Currently running a PS3 coated batter, and a fiberskyn 3 front ported. Just doesn't have any balls, or oomph. Tried it with an evans pillow (again my normal setup) and without. It's a Gretsch. What do you...
  15. Paradiddle

    60's Trixon or Vox - whats the vibe like?

    I'm feeling the need to buy some cool vibey set in a funky wrap. I currently have a 40's Gretsch, 50's Gretsch, new Broadkaster, and a Q copper set (might be my favorite of the lot). Anyway - I was thinking of a cool stencil kit but I got a line on a cool set of 60's Trixon and a set of Vox...
  16. Paradiddle

    US Mercury kit

    I'm looking for a US Mercury kit. Sizes aren't really that important but it has to be a 3 piece (matching snare is cool tool), but I'm looking for a cool wrap, something NOT red or blue sparkle. :) I live in So Cal. I have cash.
  17. Paradiddle

    Badges Drum Shop - Mason Ohio

    Anyone gone to it? I'm in Ohio for work and will be driving from Dayton to Cincy - and it's on the way. Looks like a cool mom and pop shop. Is it worth planning on a stop? Jeff
  18. Paradiddle

    Joni Mitchelll - Shadow and Light

    Man - what a band and what a show.
  19. Paradiddle

    28" snare

    Holy cow. It actually sounds great