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  1. DonS

    Snare string/rope/wire

    I recently bought a Slingerland 1-ply Artist snare with the early Zoomatic strainer. I’ve rehabbed the drum replacing the wires with Canopus wires, an amazing improvement in sensitivity and sound. The string included with the Canopus wires while robust, seem to stretch out over time; I have to...
  2. DonS

    Not likely but here goes

    I realize at the outset, success in finding these is akin to finding Jimmie Hoffa. Having said that, I’m looking for a pair of (top and bottom) Slingerland Radio King nickel, engraved eight-hole stick chopper rims. Dull chrome or needy of restoration would work too. I’ll pay a premium for these...
  3. DonS

    Slinger land Floor tom shell

    Hi, I'm looking for a Slingerland 16x16 3-ply floor tom shell. I don't need hardware or care about the color or finish. Thanks in advance, Regards Don
  4. DonS

    How about this for a wrap?

    I came across this Hubble Telescope image the other night; captioned "Deep Field". I thought it would be a cool wallpaper then it occurred to me it would be a much better wrap, a modern "Galaxy" or "Mardis Gras". Regards Don
  5. DonS

    Novus deal

    An outfit I get model railroad tools and supplies from; Micro Mark has a good one week web deal on a Novus package;,8054.html?ns_md=Email&ns_sc=Marketing&ns_cn=14WS016&ns_pc=14WS016&utm_source=Marketing&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=14WS016 They are a...
  6. DonS

    Shipping a cymbal

    I'm shipping a 20" cymbal, it's packed and ready to go. Which would you recommend; USPS or UPS Ground? Or other? Thanks Regards DonS
  7. DonS

    Repro Slingerland RK 3-point strainer

    I believe I read/heard....imagined someone has done a repro Slingerland RK 3-point strainer. Anyone know who or where that may be?. Thanks in advance, Regards DonS
  8. DonS

    Metronome app

    I want to work on my timekeeping, have had some slow-down issues lately; what's a good metronome app for the I Phone?? I'd like one simple yet effective. Thanks in advance. Regards DonS
  9. DonS

    Any DFO'ers live in Montreal?

    To any Montrealer's, My wife and I are planning to attend the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix this coming June. Info. on local Metro to and from the track: tickets, seating etc. is readily available and I'm good to get that taken care of. I am however clueless to hotels in the downtown area and...
  10. DonS

    Jack Lawton or Precision ?

    To all, Happy New Year! After rebuilding and refinishing two Slingerland orphan drum kits over the span of 20 years I'm going to re-wrap the first effort in red glass glitter. I'm aware of the application problems due to the thickness of glass wrap so I've decided to have it as well as the...
  11. DonS

    Ben White

    To all, I'd like to offer a kudos to and to being a big fan of Ben White over at Ben does most of the cymbal demos for Memphis Drum Shop and his range of grooves and chops are incredible! No matter the cymbal style or brand Ben always seems to play the exact groove with style...
  12. DonS

    Beato Pro 1 stand case

    Hi, I've looking for a compact stand case and have almost decided on a Beato Pro 1 25" bag w/wheels; figured I'd run it past the collective learned Forumites before I pull the trigger. I play a small jazz kit and have 3 light weight cymbal stands, a hi hat, snare stand and a few ancillary pipes...
  13. DonS

    Istanbul Mehmet Horacio Hernandez "El Negro Flat Ride".

    Hi, I recently came into a 22" Istanbul Mehmet Horacio Hernandez "El Negro" flat ride in a trade with Drum Center of Portsmouth. I would never have known of this cymbal had DCP not listed it on E Bay with a sound file. It has proven to be one of THE most amazing flat rides I've played...
  14. DonS

    Leedy Snare Drum Value

    Hi, Does anyone have any idea as to the value of this drum? It's a Leedy built around 1925, solid mahogany shell with nickel hardware. It has been cleaned only and this is the original condition once the crud came off. I've read this drum in a black finish should have gold hardware; there is no...
  15. DonS

    Adding rivets

    Has anyone added rivets to a Zildjian K Custom Left Side Ride?? I'd like a little more sizzle than provided by the three on the cymbal. I suspect the extremely close pattern of how they're placed might be dampening the sizzle. Thanks Regards DonS
  16. DonS

    K Constantinople Thin Overhammered

    Does anyone own or have had the chance to play on these?? I have been smote silly by a mere video! Might a 22" ride overpower a jazz trio??? Thanks Regards DonS
  17. DonS

    Puresound Snare Wires

    About three years ago I built a 4x13 piccolo snare drum; it's a Keller shell w/45 bearing edges, EGO lugs, Slingerland sitck-saver rims and a DSH strainer. It was a fun build and I learned a lot during construction and finishing. Heads are a Fiberskyn batter and an Evans hazy snare side. The...
  18. DonS

    The Conn Factory circa 1911

    This is simply an amazing series of photographs; Take your time and have a good look around, you'll eventually get to the drum dept. The number of employees is staggering, a lotta woik! Enjoy! Regards DonS
  19. DonS

    AK Drums

    Has anyone dealt with Adrian Kirchler's AK Drums in Italy?? I've been searching for a 20's era Leedy Butt Plate and he lists a repro. He evidently makes quite a number of repro vintage parts, anyone have experience with his parts?? Thanks Regards DonS
  20. DonS

    Leedy Snare Drum

    To all, A friend gave me this Leedy snare drum, yeah a REALLY GREAT friend! I'm going to restore it and use it as a player. I've got Cook's Leedy book, have done a few internet searches and here's what I came up with. I cannot pin down the specific model but looks like the drum dates to the...