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    Yamaha birch custom absolute snare

    Very nice yamaha bca 5.5x14 snare. Looking for a deeper 6” or more snare. I have too many 5” and 5.5” deep snare. I need more depth :).
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    Gretsch Brooklyn standard snare

    I have an excellent condition Brooklyn standard snare (it’s the relatively new model created for Mike Johnson) with the tube lugs and internal muffler. It’s an awesome drum, but I would like something deeper. Looking to trade for a 14x6.5 Gretsch Brooklyn or other model snare or a Yamaha hybrid...
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    Yamaha hybrid maple

    Looking for a Yamaha AHM snare in red autumn or gloss black and/or a 14” floor Tom in red autumn. Thanks.
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    Pearl Session Studio Classic

    10, 12, 14, 16, 20. Excellent condition. I am in MA and right now and am looking for a local sale (or one in reasonable driving distance). $750. Also open to trades for other drums cymbals. Thanks for looking.
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    Thank you Guitar Center

    Occasionally GC comes through. I went in the other day and saw this...
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    DW Slide track mount on Gretsch Brooklyn

    So I have decided I can’t deal with not having bass drum mounted toms. I have a Gretsch Brooklyn kit and was thinking about having the DW slide track mount installed. What do you guys think - should I go with a Gretsch mount (even though I don’t like them as and they require more invasive...
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    Zildjian, Agop Xist, Pearl Masters

    What I've got: 20" K Crash Ride - practically new condition 22" Agop Xist Dry Dark Crash - like new condition 13" K Special Dry Hi Hats - excellent condition 14x5.5 Pearl Masters Snare Drum Gloss black (Maple with re-rings) - good condition (light pitting on hardware, minor scratches, shell...
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    An annoying what kit should I buy thread

    I am in the market for a new kit. No reason in particular, just want something new and different from my current two kits - Ludwig classic maple (champagne sparkle) 20, 15, 14, 12, 10; and Pearl SSC platinum mist in the same sizes. I have narrowed down my want list to the following: Gretsch...
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    Acoustic foam - any good experiences

    I just finished off a room in my basement that is going to be my home office / drum room. It basically a 13’x16’ echo chamber. I am not looking for sound proofing just echo and ring control. Anyone had good experience using acoustic foam and if so, which brand? Thanks.
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    Zildjian and Ufip

    20” Crash of doom. Great condition - 215 shipped. 10” Ufip Fx splash. Like new - 95 shipped.
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    Ufip 10” FX splash brilliant

    Practically new. Like to trade it for a k, k dry, or k hybrid splash.
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    20 crash of doom

    Great condition, all logos intact. Pics coming. Particularly Looking for 20 k custom dark ride, 13 special dry hats, bosphorus or crescent trash crash, 20xist dark dry crash, 20 byzance extra thin hammered. But I will listen to any offer. Thanks.
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    13” Agop Xist hi hats

    Excellent condition. Fun little set of hats. Weights and pics forthcoming. $95 plus shipping.
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    19” K custom hybrid trash smash

    $200 shipped. Also open to trades. Thanks for looking.
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    Pearl Eliminator Single Pedal

    Good condition Pearl Eliminator (not redline) single pedal chain drive with black cam (pics forthcoming). Looking to swap for another single pedal of a different make (I have two eliminators). Nothing particular in mind, just would like to try something new. Thanks.
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    19" k hybrid trash smash

    This is the one with the inverted bell. Very trashy, great crash, but I have too many 19s. Looking for somwthing 20" and thin. Prefer Zildjians, but open to all offers. Pics forthcoming. Thanks.
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    Stanton Moore Joins Zildjian

    His site confirms it and here is a vid of him from DCP playing some Keropes - I know endorsements don't really matter, but I do think it is fun, particularly with cymbals, to hear different guys on different brands. I love Stanton and always associated him with a dirty, smoky sounding...
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    Zildjians for Paiste

    I am thinking I would like to get back into the Paiste game. Specifically, I am interested in Big Beats and Traditionals. 15" hats or larger and cymbals 19" and up. Here is what i have to swap (pics/weights available upon request): 22 K Con overhammered thin 22 Avedis 14 A custom hats 16 K sweet...
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    Cymbals Stacks

    I am thinking about hopping on the current trends bandwagon and getting a cymbal stack. I have an opportunity to grab a Meinl Generation X Xtreme 12/14 stack. Anybody have any experience with these - would it be worth it for 60 bucks? Thanks all.
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    Vickick VKB5

    Only used for a couple weeks inside. Has slight mark/indent where is contacts the head. Very interesting feel, but not for me. 15 obo shipped.