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    Camco Los Angeles tom post (single or double)

    Greetings all, I'm almost done with restoring my LA kit, just missing a tom post. I'd happily take a single or a double so long as in working condition. Thank you. -nicolas
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    Well dang, how to remove this stain from Camco Oaklawn

    I bought an Oaklawn kit from a wonderful gentleman who had decided to put DW gaskets ("cookies") under the lugs of the 14, 16, and 20. He hadn't gotten to the last drum, a converted Tuxedo to Aristocrat 12", and I decided it should have these gaskets as well. (Yes the grommet on the badge is...
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    Late 80s(?) DW kit, information please!

    Long time lurker, hello everyone! After going down several rabbit holes trying to gather more information about this DW kit, I hope it’s ok to ping you all here to see if you might provide me with any information and insights. What DW said: So this can be considered a Collectors Series set...