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    Need help identifying Leedy & Strupe 14 x 6 1/2 COB snare

    Greetings fellow enthusiasts, Just got my hands on a really nice condition Leedy & Strupe, 14'' x 6 1/2'' COB snare. Pretty well kept, not pricey (paid 400 CAD, which is the equivalent of 312$ US), although the strainer is a Leedy 4 point strainer, not original. It does hide the original holes...
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    Looking for Leedy 4 point strainer (complete or part)

    Greetings, I'm looking for a Leedy 4 point strainer. It can be complete or partial. I'm missing the small part that acts as a link between the lever and the sliding part. This strainer came with a 1941 Leedy Reliance snare. Attached is a picture of a complete strainer, I've drawn a red arrow...