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    Yamaha birch custom absolute snare

    Very nice yamaha bca 5.5x14 snare. Looking for a deeper 6” or more snare. I have too many 5” and 5.5” deep snare. I need more depth :).
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    Gretsch Brooklyn standard snare

    Yes that one.
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    Gretsch Brooklyn standard snare

    I have an excellent condition Brooklyn standard snare (it’s the relatively new model created for Mike Johnson) with the tube lugs and internal muffler. It’s an awesome drum, but I would like something deeper. Looking to trade for a 14x6.5 Gretsch Brooklyn or other model snare or a Yamaha hybrid...
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    That is a surprise. I used to work up the road from the zildjian factory and would often see Paul taking walks around lunchtime. I was so tempted to pull over and fanboy out, having seen him in so many product vids over the years.
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    Now This Is A Drum Solo !

    Beast of a player.
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    Yamaha hybrid maple

    Looking for a Yamaha AHM snare in red autumn or gloss black and/or a 14” floor Tom in red autumn. Thanks.
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    How to get past a prejudice

    Just go get a Mapex Saturn. . . ducks and runs for cover.
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    Sakae hi hat stand from DCP - am I wrong?

    Gotta give DCP credit for being willing to take it on the chin and participate in this thread.
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    OT: Your Favorite Schwarzenegger Movie

    Terminator 2. Greatest movie of all time. The Last Stand is also good to see Ahnold as an old dude still kicking a$$. Really though, I love all his movies.
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    Two rack toms-ride cymbal placement

    I don’t like the offset tom setup. I set my ride just above the second rack tom high enough that I can crash it and it won’t hit the drum.
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    Anyone play a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple drum set?

    Love the finish.
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    Anyone play a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple drum set?

    The floor tom is one of my favorite aspects. I find it incredibly easy to tune. I think it is a combination of the aluminum die cast hoops and the extra vent holes. A standard 2 ply over single ply head combo works super easy for a deep resonant thud. I am really surprised by how taken with...
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    Anyone play a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple drum set?

    Late to the party here, but I have been obsessed with the AHM since picking up a kit on clearance at GC about a month ago. The sound is incredible and the build quality is what you’d expect from Yamaha (ignore the o rings, which I typically hate in the pics, I was experimenting). One other point...
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    Vinnie Appice

    He popped up in my YouTube feed last week and I thoroughly enjoyed a dive down the rabbit hole of old videos of him playing dio tracks. On a side note apparently he is now endorsing sawtooth drums and chromacast hardware. Those Appice brothers will endorse anything.
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    Pearl Session Studio Classic

    10, 12, 14, 16, 20. Excellent condition. I am in MA and right now and am looking for a local sale (or one in reasonable driving distance). $750. Also open to trades for other drums cymbals. Thanks for looking.
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    18” Depth Bass Drums. Your thoughts?

    I recently picked up a Yamaha AHM kit with a 22x18 bass drum. The price was good enough for me to overlook that the bass is not my preferred size. That said, it is surprisingly playable and responsive, not to mention incredibly satisfying to lay into. Less portable, yes, a bit silly looking...
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    Zildjian, Agop Xist, Pearl Masters

    Snare is gone. Cymbals still available for trade.
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    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    I had a Saturn for a little while (the version with the big silver badges). It was impeccably well built and finished. The only I sold is because the sizes weren’t for me. The stigma with Chinese made kits will take some time to die off. But having just picked up a made in China Yamaha hybrid...
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    DiCenso? Holy Cow!

    He comes from a strong drumming legacy. I had the opportunity to take some lessons from his father, Dick, before he passed and it totally changed my grip and approach.
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    Oh boy, I got another Tama

    The stripes were awesome. I had three and they slow got longer until eventually they went all the way around. Fortunately, I don't have any damning photographic evidence.