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  1. Speedy Keen

    Pics of your sets on stage

    In a garage last summer on the 3rd of July.
  2. Speedy Keen

    Early 60’s Pioneer..what’s this finish? Blue Lacquer?

    I have a solid blue one very similar to yours. I don't have a picture of it. Yours looks good. Cool drum.
  3. Speedy Keen

    Jimi Hendrix Experience "Live in Maui" July 30, 1970 (2nd show)

    The footage is back up on you tube again , probably not for long.
  4. Speedy Keen

    Is this trade worth the hassle?

    I would not refinish that Pioneer. There will be much more interest in that drum for potential resale if you leave it as it is.
  5. Speedy Keen

    Leedy & Strupe 1930's Dictator De Luxe snare 7x14 - Gold Brilliantine - Now Playing.

    Have you had this drum for awhile, or did you just get it? Curious how you found something like this.
  6. Speedy Keen

    Salesman Love

    What do you think a 20 , 12 and 14 floor set in Salesman in very good shape is worth today?
  7. Speedy Keen

    Super cool 1976 Premier large concert tom set

    Is the finish Polychromatic Red?
  8. Speedy Keen

    What’s with the blackros over $200

    I got a very decent one today for 100. Offered 80 and seller held firm. Good stand and one stick and a couple method books. The last one I bought I fear may be slightly out of round. This one today, was close to perfect. Great drums.
  9. Speedy Keen

    What’s with the blackros over $200

    I just bought one for 80 bucks. Most of the ones I have had, all had the original Ludwig white coated head. Kids mainly just got the drums and did not use them so the heads were always good. This drum I just got had a Remo Ambassador on it. I had a very hard time getting that head off the...
  10. Speedy Keen

    OT... Anyone live in or near Keene, NH?

    I thought you liked Savannah?
  11. Speedy Keen

    Ludwig 1970 COB Supraphonic snare drum 5x14

    Were these 1970 period COB snares made in only the 5" x 14" size, or have 6.5" x 14" examples showed up? Does the interior have the sort of wire brushed look that the later 1970's early brass versions of the Black Beauties have? A very nice drum you have for sale there.
  12. Speedy Keen

    Looking for Camco Oaklawn "Sky Blue" 14"x22" bass drum

    I am not certain of exactly what Camco called the Sky Blue wrap. I am looking for a 14" x 22" Oaklawn bass drum. I do want original wrap. A rail would be nice. Would likely consider a 14" x 20" too. thanks. Round lugs wanted. Not Tuxedo style.
  13. Speedy Keen

    What’s with the blackros over $200

    I have found, bought, cleaned and then resold a lot of Blacrolites over the last few years. They always sell and it usually does not take too long. They are getting much harder to find in my area. I think they are a much better drum than the mid and later 80's Acrolites which seemed to be...
  14. Speedy Keen

    Phil Spector 1939 - Jan 17 2021 R.I.P.

    I just heard this. His biography which I read quite a while ago, was very interesting. Sounds like death due to covid.
  15. Speedy Keen

    1971 Ludwig Super Sensitive Wires...

    They sure do look like they "should" work. One other idea that comes to mind, might be to make a gasket that goes under the strainer assemblies on each side of the drum. Perhaps more trouble that it's worth. But at least you should not have the problems that people with the Pre-1968 Ludwig...
  16. Speedy Keen

    1971 Ludwig Super Sensitive Wires...

    What company are your new replacements made by? Very interesting. Is it possible that you can take the little adjusters off the threaded rod and turn them around to get a little more length?
  17. Speedy Keen

    1971 Ludwig Super Sensitive Wires...

    Adjustment on the strainer mechanism should be able to take care of that issue. Just loosen them out a bit and the wires should fit.