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  1. Speedy Keen

    Looking for Camco Oaklawn "Sky Blue" 14"x22" bass drum

    I am not certain of exactly what Camco called the Sky Blue wrap. I am looking for a 14" x 22" Oaklawn bass drum. I do want original wrap. A rail would be nice. Would likely consider a 14" x 20" too. thanks. Round lugs wanted. Not Tuxedo style.
  2. Speedy Keen

    Phil Spector 1939 - Jan 17 2021 R.I.P.

    I just heard this. His biography which I read quite a while ago, was very interesting. Sounds like death due to covid.
  3. Speedy Keen

    Jimi Hendrix Experience "Live in Maui" July 30, 1970 (2nd show)

    Jimi Hendrix using a Gibson Flying V with the Marshall amps, newer songs at the time and some great footage of Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox. It appears that this just showed on on you tube day after Christmas.
  4. Speedy Keen

    Ludwig Rim / Hoop Question?

    I just got this drum. The batter side rim looks correct to me, but the snare side rim does not look or seem right. I am looking for confirmation.
  5. Speedy Keen

    Leslie West R.I.P. 1945-2020

    Leslie West died today .
  6. Speedy Keen

    Looking for 15" rim / hoop for this drum. Similar to the one on batter side.

    I am looking for a snare side single flange hoop to help complete this Ludwig brass snare. I need it to have the flares for the snare string to go through. The drum is a 15". I do have the clips and tension rods. I have no interest in selling the drum. Thanks for any help.
  7. Speedy Keen

    Panama Francis "Exploding Drums" Sold

    I did this before and someone from here bought my friends, drum related LP he was selling on ebay. He tells me the vinyl on this particular album in in good shape. My buddy is a good seller of records...
  8. Speedy Keen


    My buddy who sells a lot of records has this for sale on ebay this week. Might be of interest to someone here. He is a good seller and packs well. An Art Blakey double lp on the Milestone label...
  9. Speedy Keen

    Slingerland "Festival" Steel Shell Snare Without any Factory Muffler Installed ?

    I recently got a Slingerland steel shell "Festival" snare drum with 8 lugs from Colorado. The drum was very dirty, but in line with many Colorado drums, it cleaned up well and the metal parts were in good shape. I have owned and either sold or parted out about 15 of these "Festival" steel...
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  11. Speedy Keen

    Clem Burke Documentary
  12. Speedy Keen

    Looks like Chicago Drum Show , postponed till May 2021 ! copy of what was said, below.

    I just saw a posting on Facebook from the Chicago Drum Show. Postponed to May 2021 and back to St. Charles and Kane County.
  13. Speedy Keen

    Ludwig Early Sixties Oyster Pink 16" x 16" Floor Tom wanted!

    I realize this will be tough to find but I am looking for an early sixties Ludwig Oyster Pink pearl floor tom in (preferably) a 16" x 16" size. Any leads appreciated. Thanks
  14. Speedy Keen

    Sara Romweber, Drummer of Let's Active, Dead at 55 I remember seeing her with Let's Active a couple times at the (long gone music club) in Lincoln, Ne, The Drumstick.
  15. Speedy Keen

    Are these Kent claws like earlier Gretsch claws?

    I was curious if these claws from a Kent bass drum are similar to any older Gretsch claws? I don't have any real old Gretsch bass drums now, but seem to remember older Gretsch claws being like this. Thanks for any clarification.
  16. Speedy Keen

    Tama info on Artstar Maple II set needed!

    I recently acquired this set. 5 drums total, no snare with it. Bass drum is 22, floor is 16, A 13 and 14 power tom and the smaller (maybe) 10 " tom. Very well made drums. Interiors painted white and fantastic bearing edges. I have cleaned them , but not set them up to play yet. The...
  17. Speedy Keen

    Late 1950's Slingerland "survivor" concert bass drum!

    I bought this drum at a school district (I work for) auction some years ago. It has sat for a while, but I cleaned it this summer. I do know that it's life was spent as a concert bass drum in an elementary school. It is 14" x 24" and the badge is gone, but the nice thing is there are no...
  18. Speedy Keen

    Nick Knox from the Cramps R.I.P.

    I got home and read that he had died at age 60. I saw the Cramps two times in the mid 90's, but both times were after he was gone. Reading the obituary in the Cleveland area paper, he may have been 65. Some put him at 60 and that obit from where he lived , said 65.
  19. Speedy Keen

    Charlie Quintana RIP I was lucky enough to see him with the Cruzados a long time ago. He was also part of the Bob Dylan performance in 1984 on David Letterman, doing "Don't Start Me...