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  1. J

    Cleaning Sparkle finishes

    has anybody ever cleaned a sparkle finish? how would go about getting the hazy cloudy look of a sparkle finish? rubbing compound ? wax? plastic cleaner? thanks in advance!!
  2. J

    Slingerland Red White Blue

    Looking for the 5 band pattern Red White Blue Sparkle ,thank you.
  3. J

    Slingerland Red White Blue Sparkle kit!!

    If anybody is looking to sell a kit I am interested !! Thank you!!
  4. J

    Heads not fitting

    Anybody ever have a problem getting heads on old drum shells. I have early 70's 3 ply ludwig shells , they are in round and the finish is about a 1/4 inch from the edge.any idea of what could be goin on???
  5. J

    How to tell Birch from Maple??

    Hi there just sold a classic maple shell to gentleman and he is telling me its birch. I told him to send it back and i would refund his money. How can i convince him it is not birch . now im thinkin i got ripped off 15 years ago!! its a 1997 classic maple 18" floor tom. and by what i can tell...
  6. J

    3ply Shell Builder

    Guys can some help me out im looking for a guy who makes 3 ply shells the original way they used to back in the 60's and 70's i can tremeber his name and I think he is in colorado, can someone help me out thanks.
  7. J

    Atlas Mount Choking drum yet??

    has anybody elses drums died on the mount yet, both my toms sound like they are mounted on an old school shell mount. I then took a close look at the mount and the top rubber insert that mounts cross ways in the mount is ovaled or out of round meaning the drum is hanging and the wieght of the...