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    Trying to build a Tama metalworks kit

    So they have 3 snares in this line, all very expensive. Almost 200$ a drum. My vision is to buy all three of them and down tune the medium to a tom tom and downtune the large one to a floor tom. Am I chewing off more than I can bite? Meaning is it even possible to tune these to a tom? Could...
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    Has anyone owned a set of peace drums?

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    I can't believe this guy has not heard metallica before

    Watch him dissect the track, then perform it.
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    Fooling around with the cigar box guitar!
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    Velvet storage bags

    Has anybody with (or without) Questlove breakbeats tried these mutes. They are so good I wish the supplier would sell them seperately. Best volume dampeners I've ever bought(they came as gig bags with the lundwig 4 piece kit)
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    Voice (guns n roses)

    Obviously a fan, after all these years can't discount their musical genius, just a question: was axel rise trained classically? His voice is incredible and so is it rare that a heavy metal lead singer plays the piano.
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    Who said a pearl compact traveler kit ain't fun?

    Demo video:
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    Mind dividing

    Questlove demonstrates how to play in 2 times signatures: At the same time
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    How many enthusiasts enjoy a drummer with a crazy snare?

    ... as if they were trying to put a hole through the skin. I think it's powerful and speaks louder than words. Travis Barker is known for his whiplash style. His drum tech says the problem is with Travis from blink 182 is that his hands slice up to chunks and pieces while he's playing live! I...