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  1. Ralph27

    Way too much time on my hands!

    Howdy all. Just thought I'd share some pics of a lazy Friday project with all of you. Had some old 8" MIJ toms that were in really bad shape and figured I'd just paint one to match my Catalina Elite with a white marine pearl wrap. Just some acrylic paint and gloss spray paint and it's not such...
  2. Ralph27

    Unknown Zildjian Help!

    Hey all. I have two old Zildjians I've played since at least the nineties. One is a 20" crash/ride and the other an 18" crash. They both have hollow logos on the underside but other than that, I have no way of identifying when they were made and what series. I would love any info you can provide...
  3. Ralph27

    Drum Bag Size?

    Hey everyone. I need to buy some drum bags and this is a first for me after almost 30 years of just lugging them around in the trunk every now and then. My question is- do bags account for lugs, spurs, mounts, etc. ? I have a catalina maple- 20x16, 7x10, 8x12, 14x14 and 5 1/2x14. Do I get the...
  4. Ralph27

    Sounds Good to Me!

    Hey everybody. So I set up my old Catalina Elite (which I refuse to part with) after recently purchasing a new Gretsch Maple and I was simply too lazy to move cymbals from one kit to the other and decided to shop a little. I happened to find an old made in Germany Camber II 20" ride for $30 and...
  5. Ralph27

    Need Help Fixing Wrap

    Howdy all. I have a Catalina Club Elite from the early 2000s, white marine pearl wrap and I'm noticing the wrap on the floor tom is starting to bubble a bit by the seam. I have no intention of getting rid of these babies and I would love to keep them as solid as possible. Was wondering if you...
  6. Ralph27

    Settin Up Second Set?

    So, a little history. I've spent most of my life thinking that one drum set was the norm and now, at 51, I not only have the space and funds but also the knowledge that drummers, like all other musicians, usually have more than one instrument at hand. After purchasing a Catalina Maple 5 piece...
  7. Ralph27

    Hi Hat Angle Screw Placement

    Howdy all. Quick question. Do any of you play your hi hat with the angle screw closer to the snare/stick side? Played my entire life with it on the opposite side of my foot but started messing with it tonight, reversed it and liked what i heard and felt. Preferences?
  8. Ralph27

    Hi Hat Cymbal Switch

    Just bought a pair of used UFIP Natural Series (white logo) 1060/1190grams. Obviously put the lighter one on top at first but then switched them since they were so close in weight just to experiment. Lo and behold- I think I prefer the heavier on top. Much cleaner sound and better...
  9. Ralph27

    One of Those Days!

    Just sitting behind the kit playing some stuff alone and wanted to share this with all of you. Just had one of those moments where it all just clicked, sorta out of body, totally lost in the sound and feel of the drums and wondering how my limbs are doing that! It's moments like this that make...
  10. Ralph27

    New member

    Hey there everyone! Just joined the Drum Forum after getting back into playing after way too many years (pre-internet!) and looking forward to learning and sharing ideas and knowledge with all of you. Til then, waiting for the family and neighbors to wake up so I can start playing!