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  1. itsjjp

    Stewart Copeland's hi hat sound

    specifically from Ghost in the Machine, Secret Journey in particular. I've read that he used 13" Fo602 Sound Edge hats, which no longer exist, during that album and tour. I believe those are what he used on Secret Journey. Before I go on, it's not lost on me that the cat playing has a lot...
  2. itsjjp

    Pearl Wild Cymbals

    Interested in clean used examples or NOS, no junk. 14 and 15in Hi-hats, 18in crashes and 20 and 22in rides.
  3. itsjjp

    Best type of tom heads for double-stroke rolls?

    Assuming equal tension, what type of tom head gives the better bounce for cleaner 2-stroke rolls -a single ply or 2-ply head?
  4. itsjjp

    Slingerland loose drums wanted

    I'm looking for a 16" floor tom in gold sparkle and a 22" kick drum in green sparkle. Black/silver Niles badge drums and in good to very good condition.
  5. itsjjp

    Slingerland Aluminum Snare 8 Lug vs. 10 Lug

    Howdy all, this is my first post. One for Slingerland experts... Given the same size drum (I think they were all 5 x 14 anyway), were the shells the same thickness? I am somewhat partial to 8 lug snares as I feel that's sufficient to keep the drum in tune, and less hardware = greater...