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  1. AustinFitz

    Anyone have a super cheap 14" crash cymbal??

    Due to a really tight budget I only own a few different cymbals, and unfortunately I recently cracked one of them beyond repair. It was a little 12" Sabian splash that I had already cut one crack out of previously. I had been wanting to replace it with a 14" crash anyway, but it's much more...
  2. AustinFitz

    Anyone else customize/modify bass drum pedals? Post them here!

    I tried searching, but didn't find much here regarding DIY bass drum pedal modification... Figured I'd start a thread dedicated to the topic in hopes of seeing some creative new pedal mods! I'll kick it off with the double pedal I've been working on myself lately. I started this project off...
  3. AustinFitz

    Extra long 5A sticks

    I've been playing 5A sticks forever and love the feel, but I've always felt like they could be a little longer. I need some new sticks anyway, so I started looking for something like a 5A, but around 17" long. The first 2 pairs I looked into were the Regal Tip Alex Van Halen signature, and the...
  4. AustinFitz

    Solution for replacement snare wires for the Pearl Jupiter.

    Don't know if this has been posted here yet, or if everyone has already seen it, but here is one way to get around the fact that nobody makes proper replacement snares for the Pearl Jupiter.
  5. AustinFitz

    *FOUND* WTB: Late '70s style Pearl badge

    Does anyone have a late '70s style Pearl badge in decent shape they would part with to complete the restoration of my 6.5×14 Pearl Jupiter? I can pay immediately via PayPal. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, -Austin
  6. AustinFitz

    What do you consider "thin"?

    I hear the term thrown around a lot, and was just wondering what qualifies a wood shell as "thin"??
  7. AustinFitz

    Help with parts for Pearl G-Series Maple shell 14×24

    Alright guys I'm in need of a little help. Would anyone happen to have a spare 6mm bass drum swivel nut, and the correct washer for the T-handle from the late '70s or early '80s? I've looked for replacements online, but can't seem to find the large 6mm ones designed to hold springs. I'm not sure...
  8. AustinFitz

    Pearl COB Jupiter tuning and setup?

    I've had this 6.5x14 COB Jupiter for a few months now, and until the other day I had been playing it pretty much how it was setup when I got it. Attack Drumheads 1 ply medium Terry Bozzio batter, a Remo Ambassador Snare on the snare side, and the original Pearl dual 10 strand snare wires. I must...
  9. AustinFitz

    Clear batters over coated reso heads???

    A few months ago I picked up this killer 1980 Pearl G-series Maple kit in Walnut lacquer, and I'm absolutely in love with them! The toms all came with clear Pinstripes on the batter sides, and some older coated "Weather King Ambassador Batter" heads on the reso sides. I thought the combination...
  10. AustinFitz

    Cool new group I found browsing YouTube. Killer drummer!

    They have a lot of great stuff and I've been checking out their different videos all day, but here is the one I saw that turned me on to them.
  11. AustinFitz

    Anyone else playing a 21" Sabian AA Dry Ride?

    I picked this one up with my G-series Pearl kit. Came with the Dry Ride, an 18" Sabian B8 Pro Medium Crash, and some 1981 Paiste 2002 14" Sound Edge hats. Love the hats, not a fan of the B8 Pro, and I'm still on the fence about the Dry Ride... Sometimes I hear it and think "man I think I'm...
  12. AustinFitz

    Anyone have any experience with this vintage pedal?

    I'm a big fan of vintage Japanese drums. Especially early '80s Pearl stuff, and on top of that I like particularly unusual '80s Japanese stuff too. My kit is an '80-'81 Pearl G-series maple Big Beat, and I've been checking out some of the different Pearl pedals from that time period. According...
  13. AustinFitz

    Repaired a couple of my old broken cymbals today!

    I came across some videos on YouTube of guys cutting the cracked/broken portions of cymbals out to extend the life of them. I'm just getting back into drumming, so I haven't been building my kit for very long. It was a little lacking in the cymbal department, but I really don't have the cash to...
  14. AustinFitz

    I'm in love!!! (Pearl G-Series Maple Shell project log)

    After a bad band breakup, and a 4 year hiatus from drumming I'm finally getting back into playing! I hadn't owned a kit in 4 years, so after deciding to get back into it I went shopping for a decent used kit. I was on a pretty tight budget, but managed to find something WAY beyond my...
  15. AustinFitz

    Introduction and my first vintage drum kit

    I'm 27 and have been playing drums for as long as I can remember really, but after a bad breakup of my old band I ended up selling off my Taye kit and taking a break from music for a while. After 4 years without even touching a drum set my brother (bass player in the old band) approached me...