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    The 100 Greatest Rock Drum Performances Of All Time.

    Lists usually suck and are highly debatable, of course. But not having Simon Phillips on it is criminal. Give Blood (for example) Russ Ballards “Voices”....totally understated but awesome.
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    Is Metallica’s “Orion” the Best Instrumental Released Since 1986?

    Love Master of Puppets. The stuff after, not so much. What year was Maiden’s Losfer Words. Great cut afaic.
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    Ludwig P-85 History Question

    Thanks for the additional info....interesting stuff. I seem to have collected a few “transition” Ludwigs over the years. The only one I know came from the factory “weird” is my ‘84 Hammered Bronze Supra that came with bow ties and a Chicago keystone with no serial number. The acro I posted here...
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    Ludwig P-85 History Question

    I know, old thread. I’ve attached a pic of a very clean acro I acquired dated 9/19/ appears to me to be a “transition” drum. I guess there’s no way to tell if the throw off should originally have been this 2 hole (which could be from ‘73) or the 12 hole.....It appears, according to the...
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    BREAK OUT THE PICS... Lets see your SOLID 1 ply Snare Drums!

    They do sound great.
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    Friday Five Fer: Jellyfish

    I like Bellybutton better as well. Although Spilt Milk gets all the accolades in the audio circles. Both are Desert Island discs. Lickerish Quartet and Manning’s Catnip Dynamite (living in end times) and the Land of Pure Imagination are pretty darn good, too.
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    Drum sounds that you don't particularly like!

    I agree. I was also going to use that album. I like any drum sound that fits a “production” style. I even like the drum sound on QR III...Twilight Hotel for example. Very processed. Probably samples, but it fits the production perfect. I also love the Tony Thompson “Some like it hot” and Smith...
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    Is Ludwig missing the boat on Acros?

    I might have one of the original 6.5 hammered bronze acro’s (joke) from around 1984. I had no idea at that time it should have arrived with different lugs.
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    Just picked up my first WFL!

    I should have read the whole thread first. Beautiful drum. The wrap looks great afaic! The strainer and snares on mine pose no issues. Although I am wary of the plastic ends deteriorating. I should probably store the wires, but I like how they sound.
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    Just picked up my first WFL!

    Is the edge actually wavy (put it on a flat surface, glass stove or similar) or just the wrap feathered in poorly on that area?
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    Best Recorded Overall Drum Kit Sounds

    Simon Phillips Protocol. Willie Wilcox Can’t Stop Running Steve Smith Mother Father Neil Peart Moving pictures
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    Just one Ludwig snare

    So, besides the acrolite, which is very flexible. I’d have to go with this ‘84 bronze. Not as dry as you’d think. But absolutely unique and versatile. Plus, every time I pull it out, I wonder why I put it away.
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    Just one Ludwig snare

    Not very glamorous, but sonically, it does so much, so well.
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    Rick Beato on recreating AVH's snare sound

    THE most important factor is the way he plays.
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    a truly hideous sounding cymbal on a recording

    That first crash sounds like a Zildjian pang cymbal. I really like the entire drum sound on this. classic.
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    Let me see your Bronze Supras

    1984 Chicago badge, bow ties from factory. 1st snare. Love this drum. I’ve taken some heat over it because of the bow ties. Best sounding snare I own. BTW, great site (came hear to research a powertone I just purchased.