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    Terry Bozzio's Zappa drum equipment: i.e. cymbals/drums/hardware/heads/sticks.

    Saw&watched the current/recent Zappa documentary movie on saturday arvo at local cinema/theatre. Dissapointed there's NO interviews with ANY of his drummers, Does anyone know what brand/model/series &size cymbals&drums Bozzio used with Zappa?, &Hardware/heads&sticks?, Love, peace, respect&stay...
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    Ludwig AVH rosewood snare/Paiste 200 black label bonham size cymbals wanted.

    Looking for a Ludwig Alex Van Halen rosewood snare drum, &Bonham" size Paiste 2002 black label NO reissues!, 1973 only! 16" medium, 1971 only! 15" SE (sound edge) hi-hats, 1975 only! 15" SE (sound edge) hi-hats, 1975 only! 16" medium, 1975 only ! 18" medium, 1976 only! 18" medium, 1976 only! 20"...
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    Ludwig AVH rosewood snare drum/Tama Artwood Mastercraft rosewood snare drum 14X6.5/Bonham Paistes.

    Looking for &wanting: Ludwig Alex Halen rosewood snare drum 14X6.5, Tama Artwood Mastercraft RW256 14X6.5, Rosewood snare drum.Paiste Bonham 2002's black label only.
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    Alex Van Halen Regal Tip.

    I've been looking searching seeking for months now Regal Tip Alex Halen drum sticks.Not even Regal Tip themselves have any! :(, Any ideas suggestions?.
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    Susan Kay Quatro ("Suzi") Quatro's original drummer passed away.

    I just saw&read on Facebook from Suzi Quatro herself that her original longterm/longtime drummer, David "Dave" Neal passed away from stroke related illness.He was the drummer who inspired me to take up drums in the 1st place. Long before i received my 1st drum kit i played along to Suzi Quatro's...
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    Regal Tip Alex Van Halen model drum sticks.

    I can't find here in Australia , Nor on 6 pages on "Google", Above, There appears to be a worldwide shortage on them, Not even Regal Tip themselves have anystock!, WTF"S going on?!!!!! :(.
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    Ludwig AVH snare drums both rosewood&Supraphonic/Tama rosewood 6.5x14.

    Looking for ALL of above snare drums ALL IN EC/MINT condition with ALL original parts (except for Tama rosewood can have different heads).
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    OT: Dogs.

    Today is the saddest day of my life, After 8yrs my beloved&much loved dog 'Sweetie", A 15yo White West Highland Terrier female, Died/passed away from kidney disease/renal failure&heart murmur. She hadn't been drinking or eating for a week or more&was losing weight. I took her to my local vet who...
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    40th anniversary of John Henry 'Bonzo" Bonham's death/passing.

    Today is/marks the 40th anniversary of the death/passing of rock's greatest ever drummer, John Henry "Bonzo" Bonham 31-5-1948-25-9-1980.What can one say?, That hasn't already been covered numerous times?, Could he been saved?, I believe yes if he was put in the correct position, Rather then...
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    John Bonham 40th anniversary of his death/passing.

    Unless i'm very much mistaken?, NONE of the leading drum magazines inc "the world's most read drum magazine", MD, Drum magazine etc, Have done a 40th anniversary tribute special to the great&late John Henry"Bonzo" Bonham, I'll be playing non-stop until 11.59pm this forthcoming friday Led...
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    Mental health

    I've had&been struggling (still do), With mental health issues: anxiety severe depression, ocd. Because of my dramas, hassles, issues, problems struggles. I can't seem to find discipline, inspiration, motivation to own a drum kit. I sold my kit recently, Still have/own cymbals, hardware...
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    Simon Kirke's Gretsch kit used on BC recordings.

    Does anyone know what series Gretsch he used to record with ALL of BC albums with&what snare he used?, Hope you're ALL coping well with this virus?, I work from home, Just me&my dog, The local goverment's implicated/instigated by law stage 3 restrictions :(.
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    63&68 Ludwig " Super Classic"& Slingerland green sparkle kits : 22 13" 16", Rogers 4403 straight swivomatic cymbal stands x 3, 4402 hi-hat stand

    Looking for/wanting to buy: either of above kits in "players condition", ALL original parts except for heads, NO pitting/rust on both swan leg hi-hat stand&cymbal stands&Ludwig/Slingerland drum hoops, I'm in Australia.
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    3ply Ludwig green sparkle "Super Classic" 22 13 16 mid 60s/'68 Slingerland green sparkle 22 13 16 value.

    G'day, What can &should i expect to pay for above brand /model/series kits in "players condition", ALL original parts except for heads?.
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    Ludwig SS (Stainless steel) &SS (Super Sensitive)/Paiste 602 seven sound set/2002 black labels.

    Looking for&wanting to buy:Ludwig ALL in stainless steel&NOT stainless wrap over maple shells!.6-15" concert toms, 16&18" floor toms (single headed), 28" kick drum, 70s only! B/O Ludwig Super Sensitive 14x5", Paiste 602 seven sound set no 3, Paiste black label 2002's 70s only!: 22" medium, 24"...
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    Custom non-drum manufactured drum kits.

    Apart from Carl Palmer's British steel designed, engineered custom drum kit, Is there any other drummer, Who had a custom one off kit or kits, Made by a non-drum manufacturer?.
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    Art Blakely's/Tony Williams ride cymbals.

    Is there a both/either a AB/TW cymbal 'expert" in/on this forum/group, That can pinpont&knows both the exact/precise kind/type of stamp/weight/year of both of above drummers cymbals, &Type of bell profile,shape?, Also finally&lastly what's the closest in a NEW cymbal interms of: bell...
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    Gretsch Catalina birch.

    G'day youse, Is there a or any Gretsch experts, Who know WHERE&WHO made/supplied Gretsch with there birch shells?, Reason being is i have a Catalina birch, BUT would like to add a 13" as a floor tom&18&20" kicks, From what i could find out&gather, By my research there's NO add on drums available...
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    Drummers that used bigger cymbals/drums live but smaller in the studio.

    Apart from these aforementioned drummers: Simon Kirke (Bad Company/Free), Used 18" Gretsch kick drum&13&14" toms in the studio on ALL of Bad Company's studio albums, But live used:live Ludwig 26 15&20, Ian Paice : live -Ludwig 26 16 18 20, Later on augmented with 6-15 concert toms, In the...
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    jaime Oldaker's Clapton gear cymbals, drum kits, hardware, heads, sticks set up.

    Been looking, searching on the net for above details/info, All i could find is MD interviews that you have to &must subscribe to be able to read the rest of the interviews! :(, Also would it be correct, fair&right, true to say that Oldaker was Claptons most prolific solo period drummer?.