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  1. Way Out Wardell

    Somewhat OT: Brian Henneman (Bottle Rockets singer) Retires

    I saw this earlier, thought I'd pass it along:
  2. Way Out Wardell

    Eddie Hoh w/ Modern Folk Quartet, Greenwich Village 1966

    Just came across these photos of Eddie Hoh drumming with the Modern Folk Quartet at the Night Owl Cafe in the Village, '66. MFQ went 'electric' in '65 and hired Eddie after seeing him with Joel Scott Hill and Lee Michaels. Spector was interested in producing them, but it didn't really go...
  3. Way Out Wardell

    Interview with Bun in Latest Issue of Ugly Things Magazine

    Just spreading the good word that there's a fantastic interview with Bun in the latest issue of Ugly Things Magazine (which covers 'wild sounds from past dimensions'). Their website is probably the best way to order. Here's the cover:
  4. Way Out Wardell

    Is This a Slingerland Canister Throne?

    I bought this 20+ years ago on eBay but never knew anything about it. Based on photos I've seen of others, this looks like a Slingerland piece that's been changed somewhat, yes?
  5. Way Out Wardell

    Salvageable or Trash?

    Years back, I bought a '40s WFL that came with some beat-up cymbals and hardware. This was one of them. Before I get rid of it, wanted to see if there's anything useful that can be done with it. It actually sounds pretty good, which is a shame.
  6. Way Out Wardell

    Chicago Drummers Club Crate - Estate Sale Listing in Hinsdale, IL

    I'm an architecture geek, and came across this demolition sale for a house in Hinsdale Illinois. One of the items for sale is a crate for the Chicago Drummers Club, which upon further research was noted as: An organization of Chicago drummers during the first two decades of the 20th Century...
  7. Way Out Wardell

    SOLD: Lot of Vintage Stands.

    So here's the deal! I have a bunch of stands that I acquired over the years which were included with drums I bought. I've never used them, and don't foresee me ever needing them. There's a Slingy HH and cymbal stands, a WFL HH and snare stand and a no-name snare stand and cymbal stand. I...
  8. Way Out Wardell

    And now, Ellis Marsalis RIP

    And another. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  9. Way Out Wardell

    Semi-OT: Adam Schlesinger has died
  10. Way Out Wardell

    '20s-'30s Cymbal Sound

    The Solobox thread got me thinking: I have a pair of very old Ludwig cymbals. They're 10", have a very high bell, and sound very 'clangy' when played. They don't have very prominent grooves cut into them but are faint ridges. Was that generally how cymbals of this era sounded up close and...
  11. Way Out Wardell

    Marian McPartand and Joe Morello Home Movie, Chicago 1956

    Now this is a find: one of Marian McPartand's home movies with her and Joe Morello outside the London House here in Chicago in '56. Enjoy!
  12. Way Out Wardell

    Whisky A Go Go, 1967 Photo

    A friend sent this to me today, which was posted on a fan page of guitarist Clarence White. From L-R, Clarence White, Eddie Hoh, Gene Clark and John York. This version of Gene's solo band only played one or perhaps two shows at the Whisky a Go Go in '67, as part of an industry showcase. The...
  13. Way Out Wardell

    Looking for quotes about Gene Krupa!

    Hello all, As the subject says, I'm looking for quotes about Gene Krupa - from other musicians, historians, whomever. I've just started drafting a petition to put up an honorary street sign here in Chicago in Gene's honor on the block where he grew up (and where the church is located that held...
  14. Way Out Wardell

    Semi-OT: 'So What', live in Chicago, August 7, 1959

    Thought some of you would dig this: Recorded on this day in 1959, as part of the first Playboy Jazz Festival held at Chicago Stadium. This was ten days before 'Kind Of Blue' was released.
  15. Way Out Wardell

    Semi OT: Etsy Buying for $275mil

    From Crain's Chicago Business paper: One of Chicago’s fastest-growing startups, online music-equipment seller, is being bought by Etsy for $275 million in cash. Reverb, founded by Chicago fintech entrepreneur David Kalt six years ago, grew to $36 million in net revenue last year and...
  16. Way Out Wardell

    Take Five's Birthday

    Just thought I'd mention that Brubeck & company recorded 'Take Five' on this day, 1959. Something must have been in the water that year, because Kind of Blue, Mingus Ah Um, Shape of Jazz to Come and Giant Steps were recorded in the span of one month.
  17. Way Out Wardell

    Gretsch Bongos? 1962 Band Photo

    I came across a photo of drummer Eddie Hoh's first band, Russ Vestee & The Downbeats, playing at Proviso High School (suburban Chicago) in '62. Eddie had a peacock sparkle Gretsch kit - are those bongos on a stand off to his side? Not long after this band broke up, he started playing in a club...
  18. Way Out Wardell

    Old Calfskin Head Stains

    Hello all, I've got a '40s WFL bass drum with calf heads. They're playable but discolored, and I'm good with that except for one section which has dark spots I'd like to clean (if possible). They don't brush off, nor can I scratch them with a fingernail. Is this mold, perhaps? Thanks in advance!
  19. Way Out Wardell

    The Jesus Lizard - old Ludwigs!

    I was looking at some photos of Saturday's tJL show and never realized that Mac McNeilly plays vintage Ludwigs!
  20. Way Out Wardell

    Semi OT: Club Bands of the 50s/60s

    Over the past few months I had the opportunity to meet and talk with a few guys who used to play in club bands in the pre-Beatle rock 'n roll days and heard a lot of fascinating stories about those days; mobbed-up clubs, six or seven-hour gigs, matching stage attire and choreography, etc. A...