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  1. AustinFitz

    The perfect all-purpose crashable ride

    This has been my favorite all-purpose crash/ride cymbal lately. It's an older 20" Sabian HH Jazz Ride. It crashes beautifully, but has nice stick definition on top, and a pleasant, controllable wash. Great bell too! This is actually the second one I've owned over the years. loved them both! This...
  2. AustinFitz

    What Kind of Pearl Snare with the odd bar on the reso side

    With the Pearl S-017 parallel strainer, and the black and silver badge with serial number, that drum is definitely later than the COB Jupiter models from the 1970s. It's likely from around '82 or '83. I believe these were called the Pearl Professional Series, and were actually heavy steel shells...
  3. AustinFitz


    This is probably my favorite pic I have of me playing. It was taken roughly 10 years ago now. I was playing Tipitina's in New Orleans, LA with my old band "Nomad".
  4. AustinFitz

    Pearl Masters MHX Mahogany Classic Limited Edition drum find - UPDATES!

    I'd love to see some more pics of the OP's new MHX kit too! The color contrast, and beautiful grain structure on the interior of those shells looks just as amazingly beautiful as the finish on the outside! Judging by all of the other posts here, I would say they're definitely on that list of...
  5. AustinFitz

    Pearl Masters MHX Mahogany Classic Limited Edition drum find - UPDATES!

    I love hearing stories like that! It's amazing that you were able to track them down AND buy them! I'd love to see some pics of them. In my opinion there are some real hidden gems from Pearl that rarely get any attention on this forum. With them being a decade older than I am, I often wonder...
  6. AustinFitz

    Pearl Masters MHX Mahogany Classic Limited Edition drum find - UPDATES!

    Wow! That's quite a kit! I've been on the lookout for a 6.5" Maple shell snare in the matching Walnut lacquer ever since I got this kit... I really can't complain about the 6.5" COB Jupiter it came with though. It's a killer sounding snare!
  7. AustinFitz

    Let's talk about pedals!

    I've been using this modified Pearl P-102TW Powershifter from the early 2000s for about 6 months now, and I absolutely love it! I took the bigger footboards from a much older Pearl P-792TW double pedal, ditched the hinges between the heel plates and footboards, then made brackets bolting them...
  8. AustinFitz

    Pearl Masters MHX Mahogany Classic Limited Edition drum find - UPDATES!

    Wow! That is a BEAUTIFUL set, and I can only imagine how it sounds! I do happen to be a Pearl fan though. My big 1980 G-Series Maple shells have had my heart since the day I found them. I hope you love those just as much as I love mine! I'll still own these the day I die.
  9. AustinFitz

    Big kit or small kit

    I definitely prefer big drums for what I play. My favorite configuration is 13", 14", 16", 18", 24" all in standard depths.
  10. AustinFitz

    Slingerland kit found in the wild.

    That is absolutely gorgeous! :love10:
  11. AustinFitz

    Throw-off location while snare is on stand.

    I always have my throw-off at 5:30, internal muffler knob at 6:30, and head logo at 12:00.
  12. AustinFitz

    My new (to me) 3rd kit! Pearl M 1983 Maple

    Thank you! I absolutely LOVE that snare too! Luckily the original dual 10 strand wires on it are still present, and in pretty good shape. That is an awesome work-around for sure though as it requires no permanent modifications! It is indeed a 24×14" bass drum. The toms are 13×9", 14×10"...
  13. AustinFitz

    My new (to me) 3rd kit! Pearl M 1983 Maple

    You're a lucky man!!! The '80-'83 Pearl Maple shells are my all-time favorite drums, and Walnut lacquer is my favorite finish! I have a 1980 G-Series Maple kit in high gloss Walnut lacquer myself, and in my opinion, they are hands down THE BEST sounding drums I have EVER played. Seriously, I...
  14. AustinFitz

    anyone else still enjoy 12,13" rack toms?

    I've been really enjoying my 13×9" and 14×10" rack toms for the past couple of years. Floor toms are 16×16" and 18×16" with a 24×14" bass drum. It's definitely my favorite configuration to date.
  15. AustinFitz

    I'm in love!!! (Pearl G-Series Maple Shell project log)

    I was dusting off my Pearls yesterday and decided to snap a pic. I've just never been so inspired by an instrument before. These drums have consistently kept me excited, and eager to play for years now, and as a result my skill level has increased dramatically in those couple of years! I know...
  16. AustinFitz

    Huge drum haul. Lots of rust.. octobans, pearl FG, lots of cymbals..

    SCORE!!! Looks like there's some early '80s Pearl 900 series hardware in there. I may be interested in that!
  17. AustinFitz

    New (to me) Pearl M Series kit!

    Those are my favorite drums, and in my favorite finish! :love10: I have 1980 G-Series Big Beat kit just like the catalog shot above. I only paid $600 for them, but I'll honestly never sell them. They're the best sounding drums I've ever played! I have the COB Jupiter snare, but I've been trying...
  18. AustinFitz

    Keyholes, thoughts

    I usually feel the same, especially if I'm buying the cymbal from someone I know can really play. I figure whether they've played it long enough to keyhole it themselves, or they bought it that way despite the damage, it's probably a great sounding cymbal! I recently bought this older 20"...
  19. AustinFitz

    Extra long 5A sticks

    I've been using the Vic Firth Freestyle 5A ever since starting this thread back in December of 2019, and I absolutely love them! I recently tried out these Promark Glenn Kotche Signature Active Wave 570s though, and I really like those too! Figured I should add them to this thread. Specs are...
  20. AustinFitz

    Any Pearl drums enthusiasts? What’s your opinion on Pearl?

    Yep! Late seventies 14×6.5" chrome over brass shell with the parallel strainer, and the original dual 10 strand wires. Been using a regular coated Ambassador on the batter side, and a hazy Ambassador snare-side on the bottom. She sounds absolutely lovely!