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  1. hsosdrum

    I finally get it. Caroline ASBA pedal.

    When I was on the road back in the '70s I used an original Camco and a Slingerland Tempo-King because they were the best that I could afford. But what I really wanted was a pair of Caroline ASBAs, because of exactly what the OP said: they're ultra-smooth and ultra-fast. Now I'm playing DW 9000s...
  2. hsosdrum

    Keith Moon strikes out at the Record Plant

    The guys who thought Keith's playing was "crap" and "never heard worse drumming in my life" were listening to art, but were judging it as commerce. They weren't trying to make art in the first place, they were trying to make something that would sell, in other words, they were engaged in...
  3. hsosdrum

    Jimi Hendrix Experience "Live in Maui" July 30, 1970 (2nd show)

    That's a Slingerland model 66 "Buddy Rich" cymbal stand with a Rogers Swiv-o-Matic tilter mounted to the Slingerland tilter. Ginger Baker started it all with Blind Faith. I did the same thing back then but I never put anything larger than a 16" up that high.
  4. hsosdrum

    Jimi Hendrix Experience "Live in Maui" July 30, 1970 (2nd show)

    I wonder if the girl sitting with her head one foot in front of that pair of Altec Voice of the Theater speakers has any tinnitus these days?
  5. hsosdrum

    Remo Colortone

    Exactly how I feel about wood finishes on drums... ;)
  6. hsosdrum

    King Krupa on his Throne! Looks like before he became ill with leukemia.

    OK, that settles it: I want a Slingerland 20" x 20" floor tom with calfskin heads, and I want it NOW! Thanks SO much, GeneZ; I thought I'd seen every Krupa clip on the Interwebz but this one's brand-new to me. I love how dynamically he played throughout; he was an absolute master! P.S. He...
  7. hsosdrum

    Did anyone ever play in Marching Bands?

    I marched '67 – '70 in HS band; was also in the Royal Cavaliers (a local San Fernando Valley private marching band) in '68 – '69. But the BEST was the L.A. Valley College marching band. It was over 100 members strong, with arrangements written by Don Nelligan, who taught jazz arranging and...
  8. hsosdrum

    How to play heavy backbeats while playing cross-handed?

    I've been playing cross handed for 58 years and I still sometimes hit stick-on-stick (or worse, stick-on-hand, as I did earlier today) when playing my hi-hat with my right hand. That coordination stuff's a bee-yatch. Houndog is right, it's all about getting the feel for where the (physical)...
  9. hsosdrum

    Manhattan Drummer Lands "Affordable" Drum-Friendly Apartment -- Only $3,025 Per Month

    Jazz gigs don't pay anywhere in the USA. My ex father-in-law was an A-list studio player for 40 years here in L.A. and when he and his buddies (all well-known 'name' players) would do jazz gigs they'd be lucky to split $250 between them for a night. People play jazz because they love the music...
  10. hsosdrum

    Drums and the big freeze

    And I can vouch for Ludwig Vistalite's indifference to temperature extremes. Back in the '70s my kit sometimes sat for days outdoors in our equipment truck in Minnesota, in temps that ranged from –40°F to +105°F, and the drums suffered no ill effects whatsoever.
  11. hsosdrum

    Got a text today after getting a tip about some Ludwigs

    The tom mount looks like it's for a Ludwig Elite tom holder, so it could be stock. No re-rings mean they're probably Ludwig Classic (6-ply maple/poplar) shells. Large badges mean they're closer to 20 years old as opposed to 10. Classics are great drums for rock (I have a set), but I second the...
  12. hsosdrum

    Best in action pics!

    At fifteen years old: At twenty years old: And at a slightly more advanced age:
  13. hsosdrum

    DFO shirts and hats? Because there's no such thing as too much drums.
  14. hsosdrum

    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    Well, after reading the CEO's bio I'm glad that I've finally massaged my A and K Zildjian cymbal inventory to exactly where I want it (give or take a crash), because I don't feel very comfortable supporting a company that does business this way. If I have to invest in new cymbals in the future I...
  15. hsosdrum

    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    Robert Zildjian passed away in 2013.
  16. hsosdrum

    Does anyone care about the new Ludwig VistaLite Rerelease?

    Somebody else did, too, It was stolen out of a recording studio building in early 1977. I finally replaced it in 2014.
  17. hsosdrum

    Does anyone care about the new Ludwig VistaLite Rerelease?

    After spending thousands of hours on my original Vistalite kit I can say that I'll never use acrylic drums again because I simply don't care for how they sound. I didn't care much for how they sounded back when I owned them either, but since I was 21 years old back then I was dazzled by their looks.
  18. hsosdrum

    Does anyone care about the new Ludwig VistaLite Rerelease?

    I toured for 5 years with an original 1973 Vistalite kit and none of the 10 drums ever had any issues whatsoever, in spite of their being in unlined fiber cases (6 concert toms nested three to a case) and being involved in three truck crashes.
  19. hsosdrum

    Which 1950s A do you prefer?

    Yep, I'd keep the first one you played. More character, more drama, more emotion.
  20. hsosdrum

    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    It'll be very interesting to see where he lands.