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  1. harry

    Ludwig Black Beauty advice

    I'm getting ready to purchase a BB and was wondering if there is any difference in sound between the imperial lugs and the tube lugs? I've been wanting one for years...can't wait to get it. Thanks
  2. harry

    2 and bottom on toms

    Anyone using 2ply on batter and reso? What are the pros and cons?
  3. harry

    Tama Drum Throne Glide Rider Hydraulix VS Roc n Soc Nitro

    I'm thinking it's time to make a change to a more comfortable throne. I have two Tama 1st chairs.. Ergo that I never use and a round that I like. Both are build like a tank. So, a friend has the Roc n Soc nitro and loves it. He said after buying it a few years ago, his back started feeling...
  4. harry

    Cleaning up a Speed King

    I've taken apart an old Speed King I have had for years. What is the cleaner of choice here to dissolve the unbelievable amount of gunk that has built up in the pedal? Acetone, paint thinner, mineral spirits etc?? Thanks????
  5. harry

    This is a test

    This is a test
  6. harry

    Want 18" or 19" paiste signature full crash

    Looking for 18" paiste signature full crash. Good to great shape. Thanks..
  7. harry

    Stanton Moore Fans For all you Stanton Moore fans, check this out. Go to the "Stanton Moore Clinic Solo" clip. What an outstanding drummer!! :New_Orleans_Saints: Harry
  8. harry

    Zeppelin Fans

    I have most (maybe all) of the vinyl albums, lots of tape (with lots of hiss) and about four CD's from when they first came out. Now I'm thinking of getting the "collection set" of Led Zep stuff. What's the set to have?? I remember when the last Re-masters came out, there was a lot of talk...
  9. harry

    Pulling audio from Youtube

    Can anyone explain how to pull audio from Youtube and put it into say..iTunes.. Thanks, Harry
  10. harry

    "Wood" Bass Drum Beater

    Anyone here use a wood beater? I've pretty much used a "hard felt" beater all my life. How's it compare? I'm thinking about trying one on a new/old Speed King I have. Harry
  11. harry

    Ludwig 3ply Lug Screw/washer

    Apparently there are several "different" screws for the lugs for 3, 4, 6 and 9ply lugs. Does anyone have any info about the screw length?? The P-22492 Ludwig offers I would guess is for the Classic 6ply. What about P-22491..they say Super Classic (is that 4ply?), is that the correct screw for...
  12. harry

    Waxing the bearing edge?

    What's the opinion of using wax, polish, beeswax or paraffin on the drum edge. Are many of you doing it? Harry
  13. harry

    Drum Wrap 54" only..Why?

    Does anyone know why Delmar cuts their wrap at 54". I can't understand why this is. Just another 2 feet or so and you're need just one piece for the larger drums. Whats up with that?? harry
  14. harry

    My Daughter's 3ply kit is complete!!

    Thanks to all that helped me find her drums! So for her birthday in a few weeks she will have a "67" supra, a "67" 9x13, "70" 14z22 and I ordered today a 16x16 "Legacy" green sparkle. Cymbals: 20" K Zildjian Pre-Aged Dry Light ride, and a 16" Sabian Vault, 16" Sabian (80's) AA crash and 14"...