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  1. blownaway

    Kerope vs Agop

    I use two Kerope 19" as my crashes. One heavier one on the lighter side. The Keropes really sound great to me. Use them with my Avedis 22" ride and 15" K light hats.
  2. blownaway

    10 Crash Cymbals Compared - Drum Center of Portsmouth

    Thanks for the post. Now trying out HHX Legacy Pack. The search continues...l like the HHX Legacy & Agop Signature best.
  3. blownaway

    Sad to see your hero take a back seat to someone else...

    He's back. Alan is offering drum lessons for one day at Don Bennett Drum Studio in Bellevue WA. I got the e-mail a few hours ago & booked the last one hour session! I'm looking forward to meeting Alan and learning what he's sharing. Wow!
  4. blownaway

    Ride weight preference?

    What is your ideal weight for a 22” ride cymbal? I found that 2500 grams hits the sweet spot for me. Just enough wash, ping, crash with my lower pitch preference. I’ve been trying out Zildjian cymbals and they seem to have a pretty wide spread of weight within the same line.
  5. blownaway

    Fleabites, would you say?

    I've seen these from brand new cymbals, both Zildjian and Paiste. I sold one like yours and provided a picture of the nick and it was small enough that the buyer didn't object. As long as it's not too big and if it sounds good I wouldn't worry about it. I don't know if they come from the...
  6. blownaway

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 22" China Like New!

    Paiste 22" 602 Modern Essentials China Cymbal $355 One owner, barely used in excellent condition - no dings, key hole or scratches. Includes OEM Paiste clear bag. Very well cared for, only a few light sticking marks. A dynamic, smooth & powerful china cymbal. Forged from the legendary...
  7. blownaway

    Guidelines to buying and selling on DFO, please give a look

    Oh, that's a good idea. thank-you
  8. blownaway

    Guidelines to buying and selling on DFO, please give a look

    Is there any way to limit whoever is buying your listing only to members that have a certain number of posts or certain length of membership to drum forums? Do members get a "rating" as a buyer of selller? thanks!
  9. blownaway

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 24” Ride Mint!

    Sold! Thank you.
  10. blownaway

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 24” Ride Mint!

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 24” Ride Mint! One owner, lightly played mint condition Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 24” ride! Includes OEM clear plastic cymbal sleeve & professionally packaged. This is my favorite ride cymbal for all styles of music. Has a clean smooth warm character with a...
  11. blownaway

    Crashes; odd or even, or both?

    The tone is what matters for me. I tried all sorts of combos. Ended up liking BOTH 18" & 20" and 20" & 22" 602 ME crashes.
  12. blownaway

    Drum Dials

    Great reminder re: volume of sticking. I too feel the tune bot adds a level of consistency to tuning. The key for me is finding the pitch and intervals I enjoy the most. Once found, the work is done.
  13. blownaway

    Paiste 2002 or Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials or....?

    Pick up both & send back the one that doesn't make the cut. Most shops have a 30-45 day return policy. That was the only way I got my set up dialed in. Yea, I spent $ on shipping but ohh what fun it was to play and explore my preferences. I'm going to try the 22" ME crash next. After...
  14. blownaway

    Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 24” ride - short review

    Hey. I'm sure I would also like the 602 classic med 24. Having only heard the ME, I didn't look any further.
  15. blownaway

    My new drum kit Sonor SQ1!

    Nice kit Adrian! Glad to see another SQ1 Cruiser Blue owner. Love mine also. I have 22, 13, 16 & 18 with a Gretsch USA Bell Brass snare. I too enjoy the tone, overall build quality & look.
  16. blownaway

    Paiste 602 reissue vs Masters: alloy

    I totally agree but I haven’t heard the 602 reissues or classics. I stopped looking further once I heard the 606 ME line. They hit the sweet spot for me also.
  17. blownaway

    Paiste 2002 Big Beat Set

    Thanks for the update & your perspective. The same can be said for the 20" ME crash - very versatile cymbal as you say. I'm going to audition the the ME 20" ride next week to see how well it crash/rides (!)
  18. blownaway

    My 2nd attempt at being a Paiste head

    I was stating from scratch and wasn't focused on cost (although it was way too much $), auditioned just about all lines except for standard new 602's and after 8 months of trial and error. Ended up with a complete 602 ME setup.
  19. blownaway

    add on floor tom....14" or 18" thoughts

    Just picked up an 18x17 Sonor SQ1 to go with my 13 tom & 16" floor tom. Haven't played it yet. Looking forward to this combo.
  20. blownaway

    Which 12mil heads: G12 or Ambassador X?

    Bright minds think alike. I'm going to try 13" & 16" ambassador x heads as an alternative to my Evans EC2 heads. Should sound different (better?) with my birch Sonor SQ1 set up. Not sure how it will turn out but Nicko from Iron Maiden likes A x's and Sonor Tom's :)